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Use of waterproof test chamber and methods and maintenance

Use of waterproof test box and use method and maintenance

The waterproof test chamber is suitable for external lighting and signaling devices and automotive lamp housing protection, providing realistic analog electronic products and components thereof Various environments such as water and spray tests that may be affected during transportation and use. To achieve waterproof performance of various products.

Maintenance of waterproof test chamber

A, the inlet water valve is turned off.

B, remove the transparent hose on the left and right side.

C, open the black upper to the counterclockwise direction Q, and pull it up to 10 cm, pour 2 kg / per bottle (4 catties) sea salt into the bottle, then will then The black upper cover is tightened in a clockwise direction, and the transparent hose is locked (the water is not locked first, and the wastewater drainage is required) It is necessary to locate it in the water and the water. D, standing for 24 hours, open the water valve, the ejector end will pick up the temporary drain, and the waste water pipe is discharged.

E, the flushing time is 30 minutes.

F: 30 minutes After completion, the water tank into the water pipe is followed by the filter tube. G: Waterproof Test Box Device The small filters on the left side of the equipment, depending on the water quality; generally approximately 6 months, if the corners are too dirty, it needs to be replaced. When the filter is replaced, the filter cup will be opened in the upper end of the filter cup, and then rotate in the backhand direction, when the filter cup is geared, you can not use the board, and support the filter cup with both hands Until the filter cup is out of the filter cup, take the filter cup, remove the old filters, pour the water out, and clean the filter cup, put the new filters.

(3% in the middle hole, required in the filter cup center point) filter cup, then support the hands, after tightening clockwise, lock again .

H: When the inner floor cleaning is cleaned, it can be applied with a general floor cleaner. If necessary, the brush is brush

i: The outer layer of the equipment is cleaned to general cotton The cloth is clean and clean. If necessary

Note: It is strictly forbidden to use toluene alcohol and other volatile liquid to wipe

J: Control the phase separation layer Glass is gently wiped with general cotton fabrics or old newspapers

K: The operating surface is gently wiped with a general cotton fabric (do not touch water).

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