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The configuration of the ultraviolet aging test chamber is also very learning, first to see its stan

Ultraviolet aging test chamber two sides of the studio Install 8 UV ultraviolet lamp; sample rack fixture quantity: 20 pieces; sample rack fixture size: 404 Times; 105 (mm); heating mode is inner bile water tank heating, fast temperature rise, temperature distribution uniform; drainage system uses a turning system And the U-shaped ginseng device is drained; the surface of the sample and the ultraviolet lamp are 50 mm and each parallel; the actual studio consists of the inside wall of the box, the ladder shape; the inner water level is automatically hydrated; the lid is two-way flip The opening and closing is easy; the bottom of the test chamber adopts high-quality fixed PU activity wheel. Aging test for sunlight and artificial light sources suitable for non-metal materials.
Ultraviolet aging test chamber

box structure: box Using CNC machine tools to form, the shape is beautiful, the lid is two-way flip, and the operation is simple. The cabinet is used in an imported stainless steel plate, and the case is sprayed with A3 steel plate, increasing the appearance and cleanliness. The heating method is inner inner heating, the temperature is fast, and the temperature distribution is uniform.

Control system: control heating with a blackboard temperature meter, and the temperature is more stable. The radiometer probe (optional) is fixed, no need to load each time. The amount of radiation uses high precision display and measured ultraviolet irradiation. The irradiation is not more than 2W / m2. Light and condensate can be independently controlled to cycle control. Light and condensate independent control time and alternating cycle control can be arbitrarily set within 1,000 hours. Automatically detect the brightness of the ultraviolet lamp and cante it to which one is displayed. Manual adjustment irradiance and automatic adjustment irradiation (optional function) can be realized.

Maintenance method: for the ultraviolet aging test chamber to work better, keep a good state for a long time, please Maintain by the following items: After installing the equipment and adjacent walls or other devices must retain enough repair space; the ambient temperature of the installation site is not sharply changed; the equipment should be kept dry, and it will be operated Water discharge, dry studio and box.

Ultraviolet aging test chamber

It is recommended to be placed in good ventilation Local (recommended to install the air blower, keep indoor ventilation); should not be installed in a place where dust is installed;This equipment (away from flammable); the wastewater discharge system of the equipment must be installed; after the test ends

, the sample is taken out, and the equipment is cleaned. After use, the plastic enumeration is plastic.(Keep the box appearance neat; avoid dust intrusion).

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