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An interpretation of the four technical advantages of small high and low temperature test chambers

Small high and low temperature test chamber Safety protection system

The automatic balance pressure and professional device are served to ensure the safety of the operator. The system runs powerful and has self-diagnostic functions to ensure that the machine is operating normally, and there is no accident.


Small high and low temperature test chamber intelligent environmental energy saving ( Low noise) refrigeration system

All materials are environmentally friendly products. Application of binary replica. The freezing system is stable, the working pressure is small. Adopting a double-level multi-channel master / bypass system. Multi-channel main road / bypass can be enabled according to different working conditions, the entire control is automatically implemented by the intelligent control system Control, changing the conventional thermostat control the heater to cancel the cooling amount of

to control the cold amount.

Using variable conversion techniques, the refrigeration compressor changes at different temperatures, and the power loss achieves energy saving effect when the rate requirement is used. (20% more energy efficient than traditional means). Have multiple, multi-level throttling systems (refrigeration systems). The refrigeration system of this device is designed with different capillary / bypass according to different working conditions of the system. The intelligent control system achieves automatic control, automatic adjustment of the throttle system according to the working conditions, ensuring that the traffic is adjustable, and the temperature changes are uniform. The purpose of small temperature fluctuations.

3. Small high and low temperature test chamber [ Has a control system

Adopted the imported color screen touch controller, when temperature, humidity, time data setting is completed It can be transferred to a setting curve immediately, and a paperless recorder or a paper recorder can be connected. Realize remote visualization. The device configures the human-computer management interface, touch automation control system, automatic control; simultaneously implement connection with the remote computer through the RS485 communication interface, realizing network management, remote monitoring.

Small high and low temperature test chamber

Balance temperature control wetting system

passed by PIDAdaptation Algorithm to achieve rapid control of temperature.Use the temperature tuning chamber, the static cavity plus the inhaling air tube system of the centrifugal wind, ensured that the hot and cold is fully exchanged and uniform through the adjustable air outlet to each space of the studio (experimental area) to achieve temperatureUniformity; this control method can be constantly modified according to temperature during the control process, and the convergence is fast, the temperature is high, and the stability is high.

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