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UV aging test chamber species and two exposed methods

UV aging test chamber species and two exposure methods

Ultraviolet aging test chamber belongs to the light series products in environmental test equipment, the main function is to simulate the natural sunlight Ultraviolet, rain, lending, etc. However, some faults may occur during the use of UV aging test chamber

. Specific manifestations are as follows:

1, the water tank heating tube is frequently changed

Deton water is not used, So the heating tube is soaked in the long-term soaking tap water, high temperature tap water. We all know that the heating tube is made of magnesium powder by stainless steel pipe. So long-term heating in tap water, it can cause stainless steel surface of the heating tube to be corroded and rust.

2, UV light pipe points are not bright

I know that the ultraviolet tube is in use, sometimes The pipe point is not bright, and sometimes the point is bright. Thisbecause the ultraviolet aging test chamber is generally used by electronic ballasts, and the wiring mode of electronic ballast is in the joker. So sometimes it is not very good because the details of the production process is not very good, so that there is no hidden dangers in the connection of the lamp angle in connection with electronic ballasts. Of course, in the future use, there is a problem such as a gap-resistant line, a poor contact.

3, UV lamp two black

Thisbecause the lamp head of the ultraviolet lamp is tungsten. Its melting point is 3410 ° C. When we light the lamp, the temperature is between 2000 and 3000 ° C, the filament will not melt, will subliminate, then sublimation tungsten The vapor encounters the tube wall and condense the solid tungsten, which makes it black, and the filament of the ultraviolet tube is on the two heads of the lamp, so there is only two heads to black. When the ultraviolet tube begins to become black, then it needs to be replaced. So, in order to better extend the life of the lamp, don't start and turn off the lamp. According to the standard, the lamp is not turned off within 3 hours after the lamp is lit. 4, ultraviolet water tank

The water tank of the ultraviolet aging test chamber is used Water is heated to simulate a condensation environment in a nature evening. The sink is made because it is stainless steel, so when the device is used, if the user does not test the method of adding deionized water, it is added to the water. This will result in a sink of about 3 years after the device is used.The substance formed after the water quality and water quality is heated, causing the sink to rust until the water tank is rust.

5, the meter failure rate

The instrument of the ultraviolet aging test chamber is installed on the device,Therefore, there is a problem: when the equipment is heated (sometimes a test will do a few days, or even a few weeks, the laboratory temperature can reach 60 ° C) and some laboratory do not install air conditioning, and the heat is rising,Therefore, the instrument will be destroyed by high temperature for a long time. In this high temperature environment, the instrument is prone to failure.

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