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Functional features of the three core modules of the ultraviolet weather test chamber!

UV weathering chamber UV fluorescent lamp as a light source, , the material is accelerated weathering test by simulating natural sunlight UV radiation and condensation in order to obtain weather resistance material.

UV weathering chamber is widely used in non-metallic materials, the organic material (such as: coatings, paints, rubber, and plastic products) related products and materials tested by the degree of aging phenomena under changing climatic conditions sunlight, humidity, temperature, condensation and the like to give discoloration, fading and the like in a short time Condition.

the circuit control system:


1, temperature and humidity control instruments using ldquo; original Korean TEMI880 rdquo; screen - LCD programmable microcomputer PID control SSR output operation, all imports large LCD touch screen, a simple screen operation, program editing easy;

2, the temperature control using the same channel are coordinated control PID + S.SR, the system can improve the control element use of the interface stability and life;

3, the touch is set, and a direct digital display; [

4, with automatic calculation of the PID function may be reduced

inconvenience of artificially setting; [

5, and light condensation, spray can be controlled independently controlling alternating cycles;


6, independent control of the time and the condensed light and alternating control cycle time can be arbitrarily set within one thousand hours;

7, in the operation or settings, such as when an error occurs, a warning will be provided fast number;

8, France ldquo; Schneider Rdquo; components;

Light source selection:

1, the light source uses an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp tube with an 8 UV series rated power to be 40W, distributed over the machine. On both sides, four of each side;

2, there is UVB-313.UV-A340.UV- C365 Light source for user selection configuration; optional)

3, UV-B313 lamp tube luminescence spectrum The energy is mainly concentrated near 313m wavelength;

4, the luminescent spectral energy of the UV-A340 lamp is mainly concentrated in 340 nm Near wavelength;

5, the luminescent spectral energy of the UV-C365 lamp is mainly concentrated near 365 nm wavelength;

6, since the fluorescent light energy output will gradually decay over time, in order to reduce the impact of the experiment due to light energy attenuation , This test chamber is replaced with an old tube by a new lamp in all 8 light tubes in all 8 lamp tubes, so that the ultraviolet light source consists of a new lamp and an old lamp. A constant light energy is obtained;

Spray control:

1, spray uniformity adjustment: Using the manual control function of the controller, observe the spray condition in the door, thereby adjusting or replacing the nozzle.

2, spray state monitoring: the machine is configured with a spray device, the spray device simulates the temperature of the rain Changes and rain, erosion, a total of several nozzles, spray uniform. When is it sprayed, how long it is, it is freely set by customers.

3, the user needs to be prepared to have pressure deionized water.

4, drainage: drainage grooves on the floor near the host.

5, Work occupation: 234 Times; 353cm (including personnel working space)

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