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Five parts detailed UV ultraviolet light aging test chamber, let you know it!

UV ultraviolet photolymerization test chamber using fluorescent UV lamps The light source, by simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, the material is measured to obtain a weather resistance to obtain material weather resistance. UV ultraviolet light aging test chamber
Uses: In non-metallic materials, organic materials (such as coatings, paints, rubber, plastic and their products) are inspected under the change in product and material aging, in a short period of time. Got discoloration, fading, etc.

First, the box material

1, housing material: adopt A3 steel plate spray treatment;

2, Ball 2: Import SUS stainless steel plate;

3, a cover material: A3 steel plate spraying treatment;

4, a total of 8 UV series ultraviolet lamps in both sides of the studio;

5, the heating mode is the inner bile water tank heating, the temperature is fast, the temperature distribution is uniform;


6, the lid is two-way flipping, and the opening and closing is relaxed;


8, the sample frame is made of the liner and extension The spring composition is made of aluminum alloy material;

9, the bottom of the test chamber adopts high quality fixed PU Active wheel;

10, the drainage system is drained using a turning pass vortex and U-type set;

11, the surface of the sample and the ultraviolet lamp are 50 mm and the line is parallel;

12, With lamp replacement automatic alarm;

Second, heating system:


1, using U-type titanium alloy high-speed heating electric heating tube

2, the temperature control output power is calculated by microcomputer, with high precision and high efficiency electricity efficiency


3, blackboard temperature control:

1, using black aluminum coupling temperature sensor

2, using blackboard temperature meter control heating, temperature is more stable

four , Light Source:

1, the light source uses an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp tube having an 8 UV series rated power to be 40W. Distributed on both sides of the machine, 4 each side;

2, there is UVB-313.UV-A340 .Uv-c365 light source for users to choose configuration; (optional)

3, UV-B313 lamp tube The luminescent spectral energy is mainly concentrated near 313m wavelength;

4, the luminescent spectral energy of the UV-A340 lamp is mainly concentrated near 340 nm wavelength;

V. Sprinkle control:

1, spray uniformity adjustment: Using the manual control function of the controller, The spray condition is observed in the door to adjust or replace the nozzle.

2, spray state monitoring: the machine is configured with a spray device, the spray device simulates the temperature of the rain Changes and rain, erosion, a total of several nozzles, spray uniform. When is it sprayed, how long it is, it is freely set by customers.

3, the user needs to be preparative deionized water.

4, drainage: drainage grooves on the floor near the host.

5, Work occupation: 234 Times; 353cm (including personnel working space)

Sixth, safety protection device:

[ 1, protective door lock: If the lamp is on, once the door of the box is opened, the machine will automatically cut off the tube and automatically enter the balanced state to cool, so that the human body is hurt, the safety door lock complies with IEC047-5- 1 Safety protection requirements.

2, in the box temperature over temperature protection: When the temperature exceeds 93 ° C PLUSMN; 10%, the machine The power supply of the lamp and the heater will be automatically cut, and the balanced state is cooled.

3, the water tank low water level alarms prevent the heater from empty.

(above is leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, overcurrent protection / controller Powered memory)

Seven, equipment usage conditions:

1. Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ + 28 ° C (average temperature in 24 hours);

2, environmental humidity: le; 85%;

3, 80 cm before and after the machine is placed;

4, power supply requirements: AC380 (PLUSMN; 10%) V / 50Hz three-phase five-wire system

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