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What environmental impacts will ultraviolet aging test chambers?

What environmental impacts will be affected by ultraviolet aging test chambers Ultraviolet aging test chamber What environmental impact will be affected?

UV aging test chamber There is a certain requirement for the test environment, and the unfavorable factors are removed to make The result is more accurate, and it can also be reflected. Here, ] UV aging test chamber Environmental factors are a simple summary for the reference: Environmental factors are mainly reflected in six: [ 1, in the box temperature: In the illumination phase or stop stage, the test procedure specified in the box should be controlled, and the specification shall be required to achieve the temperature level required to be used in the illumination phase according to the predetermined use of the device or component. . 2, airflow speed: 1 Close to the airflow speed size of the sample surface except for the temperature rise of the sample, and even significantly errors the open temperature difference of the monitoring radiation intensity. 2 In the natural environment, the probability of special conditions in which strong solar radiation simultaneously wind speed is extremely small, so the specific requirements should be specified when evaluating the effects of different wind speeds of the samples such as equipment or components; 3, surface pollution: dust and other surface contaminants will seriously change the absorption characteristics of the surface of the object, and ensure the cleaning of the samples during the test; 4, humidity: various materials, coating and other materials The photochemical deterioration effect under different humidity conditions is large, and the requirements for humidity conditions are also different, and the specific humidity conditions are clearly defined by the relevant specifications. 5, ozone and other contaminated gases: The ozone produced by the short-wave ultraviolet radiation of the light source, due to ozone and other contaminated gases affect certain materials in the deterioration process, unless otherwise specified These harmful gases are discharged. 6, the bracket and its installation: The thermal characteristics of a wide variety of stents and the installation methods will be strictly imposed on the temperature rise of the test sample , which should be fully considered to heat it. Features can represent a typical actual use.

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