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This set of test processes can you not know before using a dust test chamber?


dust test chamber sample pretreatment If the technical conditions of the sample are required, sample pretreatment should be carried out as required to keep the samples, Part of the dust test case protective test, usually with the anti-test test, after the sample waterproof test, must wait for it to dry after it can be placed, if the sample is not pretreated, then press GB2423. The provisions of 37 were placed at 2 h under normal atmospheric conditions:

a temperature: 15 ° C - Between 35 ° C;

B relative temperature: 45% -75%;

C Atmospheric pressure: 8 kPa-106 kPa.

2, sample enters

Put preprocessing without packaged samples into the working space of the dust box test equipment, unless the test sample is further specified, the sample is during the test Do not work without work. The volume of the sample must not exceed 1/3 of the effective working space of the test equipment, and the distance between various samples and its dust devices should be not less than 100 mm.

3 ,
dust test chamber


Mounting of different protective grade samples:

A protective level is 1P5X, and the housing of the first type (Class A) sample in the case in the case of the surrounding atmospheric pressure is normal, and should be closely replaced. The position is provided with a pumping hole, and the gas on the sample is attached to the vacuum system with a hose.

B guard rating is 1P5X, and the housing in the case of the cassette in the shell is below the second type (Class B) sample of the surrounding atmospheric pressure. If the product standard is clearly defined as a Class B shell, the 1P5X test is performed. Do not evacuate the subject, if the product standard does not clearly stipulates that the quenched product is viewed as a Class A housing, and it must be empty when performing a 1P5X test. Place the sample according to the requirements specified by the sample technical conditions.

C protect the level of 1 p6X, whether it is a Class A sample or Class B sample housing, To take a vacuum.


The amount of dry talite powder calculated by each gram-meter dust test equipment (including the volume of the pipe and the working space) is placed on the screen.

5, the glass door of the test chamber

Checking the dust test equipment should be well sealed, and it should be able to prevent dust from extrusion.

6, boot

For samples that need to be vacuum, when booting, while opening the blower and vacuum pumping system, adjusting the valve, making vacuum and air flow consistent with product technical conditions for technical conditions for unwanted empty samples Only the blower is only drifting, does not open the vacuum system.

7, replacement of talc

After turning off, open the left door of the chassis, open the valve under the funnel, release the scrapped talc powder, put the talc powder to be replaced into the screen of the dust box chassis, and then manually Open the vibration, in the funnel, the ribbed powder enters the dust test equipment in the working space of the dust test equipment by airborne powder.

8, stop

If the sample technical conditions require intermediate testing, after the test reaches the specified time, the blower of the vacuum system will stop the vacuum system, after the dust is completely settled, open the glass door of the dust box, do not take the test Intermediate detection is carried out in cases. For samples without intermediate testing, when the test time or pumping amount reaches the requirements, stop the action of the vacuum system and the blower, after the dust is completely settled, after removing the sample, in this section, paragraph 1 ldquo; pretreatment of the sample rdquo; under conditions (ie ldquo; normal atmospheric conditions) place 1H-2H.

9, post detection

A Check the position of the sample housing into the amount of dust and the position of dust settling.

B is required to inspect items such as electrical, mechanical properties according to the sample techniques.

10, supplementary description


A If the sample technical conditions are required to perform ldquo; initial measurement rdquo;

B If the sample is too large, the dust box device is not in the dust box device, it can be tried according to the technical conditions of the product. The dust test is performed separately.

C According to the technical conditions of the sample, dust removal can be carried out with the same small sample as the large sample structure. Test, the test results represent the large sample.

D, according to the test, the test must be loaded when the test is required, and the dust test should be added during the dust test. The load on the sample.

E as ldquo; dust rdquo; before investing in the test equipment, it should be sieved according to the specified 200 mesh screen. Net screening and maintain a dry state.

g shouldDust test requirements, regular replacement of talcum powder.

H test sample suspension conditions before the test.CAUTION Vibrations may occur when booting, preventing the samples from falling and solid vibration from the hook due to suspension, thereby causing damage to the sample and damaged the dust box.

The linker of the Vacuum system must not be leaked, the gas flowmeter and the pressure gauge should be installed and used in the instrument,To check if the vacuum oil in the vacuum pump is insufficient, the air blower is suitable.

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