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What should I do if the high temperature test chamber is over?

What is the uniformity of the high temperature test chamber?

is an environmental test equipment necessary in each industry, mainly suitable for testing and determining electronic electrical engineering, materials and Other products have changed the parameters and performance after the temperature environment of high temperature, low temperature or constant test. When choosing a high temperature test chamber, more is to match whether he has the test conditions you want to achieve by his technical parameters such as temperature range, uniformity, volatility, temperature rise rate, and cooling rate. Uniformity is a parameter we have to pay attention to, but we will always have a uniform failure in the process of using the device. Then the uniformity of the test chamber is: 1, sealing

The sealing property of the case is not Good. For example, the door is leaking, which affects the temperature of the equipment studio. 2, the test volume is too large

If the detection temperature deviation requires the working chamber to place the sample, when the volume is too large, or The way is placed or inappropriate, so that air is blocked. It can also result in a large temperature deviation.

3, the heat transfer of the box wall Due to the heat conduction of the high temperature test chamber wall, the high-temperature tank is drained or the low-temperature tank is leaked. Waiting for heat loss, in order to compensate for heat loss, there will be a temperature difference, the air supply temperature of the high temperature box is higher than the operating temperature in the box, and the air supply temperature of the low-temperature box is lower than the operating temperature in the box. Due to the inevitable air temperature difference, the temperature is uneven in the studio.

4, Structure The structure of the high temperature test chamber device is largely influenced in the middle temperature uniform. Since the structure is difficult to completely symmetrical, thereby adversely affecting temperature. The gate is in front, the air conditioning room is in the rear of the box, and the wind is sent to the wind. This structure has a good symmetry, which can easily reach the left and right temperature.

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