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The UV light in the ultraviolet aging test chamber is small, but it is the main factor in which prod

Ultraviolet aging test chamber
is also called UV aging box, UV aging test chamber, providing sunlight ultraviolet simulation, use maintenance cost, easy to use, equipment is automatically operated, The degree of automation in the test cycle is high, the lighting is stable, and the highlight of the test results is high.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun need to illuminate the destructiveness produced by it, only a few days or weeks, UV aging test Box can reproduce to destroy the destruction of months or years. See if the product has a decreasing, discoloration, brightness, powder, crack, variation, embrittlement, strength decrease, and oxidation, while it can reproduce rain and dew destruction. The ultraviolet aging test chamber is carried out by exposing the sample to the sample to be tested in the interaction cycle of the controlled sunlight and moisture, while increasing the temperature. The ultraviolet fluorescent lamp is used to simulate the moisture effect by condensation or spraying.

Ultraviolet aging test chamber

A accelerated weather resistance test is accelerated by simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight. To obtain the result of material weather resistance. It can simulate ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness, etc. in the natural climate, combined into a cycle by reproducing these conditions, and let it automate completing the number of cycles. UV light (UV) only accounts for 5% of the sun, but it is a major illumination factor that causes durability decline in outdoor products. There are several different UV lamps to choose from, in most cases, only need to simulate short-wave UV light. Most of these UV lamps mainly generate ultraviolet light instead of visible light and infrared light. The main differences of lamps are embodied in their difference in the total UV energy generated within their respective wavelengths. Different lights will produce different test results. The actual exposure application environment can prompt which type of UV lamp should be used.

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