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Development trend and product characteristics of ozone aging test chamber

Ozone aging test chamber development trend and product characteristics With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, rubber and The application of plastic products is increasingly broad, and the environmental conditions they have experienced are also more complex. Only the environmental conditions of the product are reasonably specified, and the environmental protection measures to properly choose the product can ensure that the product is avoided in storage and transportation, which is safe and reliable during use. Thus, artificial simulation environmental testing of rubber and plastic products is an important part of ensuring its high quality. Artificial simulation environmental test is a scientific summary of the actual environmental impact, with typical, standardized, convenient use, easy comparison. The variety of environmental conditions and the importance of environmental tests also put forward more stringent requirements for environmental test equipment. Ozone damage to the material has been received by people. Today, our industrial technology is growing, and it also causes more and more serious damage to the natural environment. It is made of various corrosive gas causing in various manufacturing industries, such as ozone, its destructive material or product. It is a very severe test.

In the development of industrial enterprises in China, the quality of product quality is high, ensuring the quality of industrial products is the basis of industrial development. In recent years, China's industrial product quality incidents are constantly, and the product pre-emergence environmental detection is more concerned. On the current situation, industrial enterprises have developed rapidly, and maintain huge scale and increment, while product quality, safety production, technology Progress and modernization have also received more and more attention and increasing investment, which provides a good market and broad development prospects for ozone aging test chambers.

Ozone aging test chamber

1 , casing It is made of high quality (T 1.2mm) A3 steel plate, and the surface is sprayed, more smooth, beautiful; 2

, studio adopted High quality (SUS304) mirror stainless steel plate; 3 , heat insulation material: high density glass fiber cotton thickness is 100 mm; [

Mixing system: Using long-axis fan motor, high-low temperature stainless steel multi-wing impeller, with intensity convection vertical diffusion cycle; 5





8 ] , built-in 360-degree rotating sample holder (rotation speed 1 turn per minute); 9

Work Indoor installation (1 layer Times; 6) rotary test sample rack; 10 , control The instrument is used ldquo; 7-inch rdquo; color touch screen program controller, large picture, easy operation, easy programming, with R232 communication port, set display temperature, ozone concentration;

] Static tensile test: The standard specifies that the sample is sandwiched on the clamp, select a elongation puller Prothone, generally select 20 % , the clamp is mounted on the rotating sample frame, the sample holder is rotational speed between (20 mdash; 25) mm / s, at temperature ( 40 2) ° C, relative humidity is not more than 65%, and the specified ozone concentration is tested. After the specified time , the sample of the sample is checked. General Ozone Concentration Selection (50 5) Times; 10-8.Dynamic tensile test:Standard specified sample clamp Automatic telescopic stretching sample stretch and reset, the tensile frequency is 0.5 plusmn; 0.025 Hz , the sample is sandwiched on the clamp, so that the sample From the elongation length of 0 to a large elongation, the tension , the clamp is mounted on the rotated sample frame, and the sample holder is rotational speed between (20 mdash; 25) mm / s, at temperature (40 plusmn; 2) ° C, the specified ozone concentration, the clamp is circulated and reset and the test is rotated together with the same artifice. After the specified time, check the crack of the sample. General Ozone Concentration Selection (50 5) Times; 10-8.
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