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Tools for the weather resistance performance of polymer materials - Xenon lamp aging test chamber

Polymer materials are usually five categories: plastics, rubber, fibers, coatings, and adhesives, which are five major synthetic materials we said. They are exposed to outdoor environments when they are used outdoors, and they are subject to factors such as irradiation, oxygen, rainwater, and dew, such as ultraviolet, oxygen, rainwater, dew, etc. A aging phenomenon such as hard, viscous, surface cracking, and mechanical properties, resulting in ahead of the original function and use value.
Therefore, in order to make these materials for longer use in outdoor, these materials must be related to weather modification. Then, what is the weather resistance of these polymer materials in the outdoor environment, and it needs to be evaluated. Today, I will introduce you to the wearer mdash of high molecular material weather resistance performance.

Xenon lamp aging test chamber

When using xenon lamp aging test, customers usually want to know how long the accelerated aging tests should be performed to 5 years, 8 years , 10 years of weathering years. It can be clearly said that there is no such correspondence, thisfrom the diversity of materials, the diversity of material formulations, the climate diversity, etc.
hybrid factors, and
xenon lamp aging test chamber ] The conditions for testing are relatively fixed, but only multiple cycles of the same test conditions. So, what should I do? The following methods are given:

1, standards of reference related products ]
Many products or materials use manufacturers have made the time of
xenon lamp aging test chamber
aging test box

, we can test the time and condition test according to standards. Numerous standards, national standards and industry standards have specific reference regulations.

2, according to the existing correlation conversion formula

] The correlation study of artificial accelerated aging and natural exposure has been in progress, and there are many conversion relationships, but it is limited to specific materials. If you just meet, congratulations, you can calculate it to a relatively comparison Reliable use period. 3, the total amount of manual accelerated aging radiation is quite the total amount of natural exposure radiation is quite

For example, a total of natural exposure radiation in a certain region is relatively different, and if you want to test some of the materials in this area, you can know 5The annual natural exposure is the total amount of radiation, and then the test time is determined by controlling the total amount of natural exposure to 5 years to 5 years.However, it is necessary to say that thisalso unreliable, for reference only, of course, if the criterion is specified or at all, thisno problem.

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