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Characteristics and purchase steps for drug stability test chambers

Characteristics and optional step

The drug stability test chamber is an overview of the temperature, humidity environment, and the temperature, humidity environment and Light environments for measurement instruments. It is suitable for pharmaceutical companies to accelerate testing, long-term trials, high temperature tests, and strong light irradiation tests in pharmaceutical companies. It is a pharmaceutical stability test * Select solution.
Characteristics of drug stability test chamber:
1, unique airway circulation system, ensuring uniform wind distribution in the studio.
2, independent super temperature, low temperature sound and light, follow the trace alarm system, guarantee that the test is safe operation does not occur.
3, adopted with stainless steel liner, four-corner semi-circular arc is easy to clean.
4, there is a test hole with a diameter of 50 mm, and equipped with a standard paper recorder socket.
5, temperature rise, cooling, humidification system can be completely independent.
6, temperature and humidity controller, compressor, circulating fan, etc., all parts of imported products, have stable and safe and reliable features.
7, using microcomputer control temperature, humidity, control stability, accuracy, and reliability.
How to correctly purchase a pharmaceutical stability test chamber
1: Industry where the drug stability test chamber user is located?
A: The drug stability test box is generally used in the raw material industry, the finished pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic industry, traditional Chinese medicine industry, etc.
2: Drug stability test box use?
A: The drug stability test chamber is generally used in new drug research and development, drugs, low temperature test, influencing factors, test exports, etc.
3: Medicinal stability test chamber temperature range?
A: The temperature range between the drug stability test chamber is between 0-65 ° C.
4: Determine the moisture range of the drug stability test box?
A: The humidity range of the general drug stability test chamber is: 40 ~ 95% RH.
5: Drug stability test chamber illumination range?
A: The illuminance range of the drug stability test chamber is 500LX 0 ~ 6000LX.
6: How much is determined by the experimental items of the drug stability test chamber?
A: The shelf loaderest capacity determines the weight of the experimental item.
7: Medicinal stability test box experimental site size?
A: It mainly determines the position, site size, and site environment of the drug stability test chamber.
8: The volume of the drug stability test chamber?
A: The volume of the drug stability test chamber is from 80L to 1000L, and the manufacturer can undertake non-standard customization.
9: Understand the budget and requirements of the customer?
A: Customer Requirements High Selection Yes: SDP, GSP Series
Customer requirements generally choose: SD, GP, GSD series
10: Does the drug stability test chamber need to be selected?
A: Pharmaceutical stabilitySexual test box options are: paperless recorder, import recorder, online monitoring / RS485, SMS alarm system, ultraviolet sterilization system.
11: Drug Stability Does the test chamber need value-added services?
A: Drug stability test box value-added services include: on-site debugging, 3Q certification, third party report, extended insurance demand, etc.

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