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Scope and structural introduction of mold test chamber

Scope and structural introduction of the mold test chamber

Test is the identification of samples and their materials in the degree of longjewools that are advantageous for mold growth. Surface changes and performance effects caused by Dijewus. The metamorphic test chamber is to allow the test sample in the

ideal, suitable for rapid growth of the bacterial spores, human assessment test samples and its structural materials, the antifillatability, and longjust test sample electrical, machinery Test equipment affected by performance. Performance indicators have reached the national standard GB / T10588-2006 Decoction test methodapplied to GB / T2423.16-2008 Electronic electronic product environmental test - Part 2: Test Method Trial J and Guide: Dusk test requirements. Test equipment use material processing, and the housing surface is sprayed, beautiful, and flat. Color coordination, arc type design, smooth and natural. The liner is designed to be a sealed in operation, and the space can be placed in the sample to perform a high and low temperature and humidity test, which can constant control test temperature difference 2 ° C, humidity deviation + 2% -3%, use imported stainless steel plates. The indoor sample racks and other accessories are made of stainless steel plates, and the design is reasonable and durable. Equipment is more practical and easy to control based on the performance of all aspects, in accordance with national standards. Also, the device has easy installation, simple operation, and basically does not require daily maintenance. The test chamber housing was sprayed with A3 plate, and the surface of the outer casing was high and the beautiful and beautiful. The inner studio adopts the SUS304 stainless steel plate, the surface is flat, bright, and the rear part is equipped with a heater, a cooling evaporator, etc. Blow into the studio to ensure the temperature and humidity requirements of the work room. The test chamber refrigeration system is mounted under the lower part of the box, the refrigerator adopts French rdquo; Taikang Rdquo; full-enclosed compressor, easy installation, reliable performance, low noise. The insulation material uses ultrafine glass wool, the thermal temperature thickness is 100-120mm, so that the indoor temperature will not be conducted to the outside of the device to ensure the temperature of the equilibrium in the laboratory; this test chamber is equipped with two sealing strips, better sealing performance . Set a transparent window in a reasonable position of the box door to observe changes in the indoor sample. The observation window adopts the advantages of multi-layer hollow tempered glass, the inner glue sheet, has transparent, insulation, not easy to produce steam frost; the mixing system uses a long-axis fan motor, high-low temperature stainless steel polywing wheel, The intensity convective diffuses circulates, so that the temperature and humidity in the laboratory is uniform and stabilized; the door and the cabinets of the device are used to ensure high-temperature sealing strips for high temperature resistance to ensure the septum of the test area. The inner panel material is made of stainless steel, and it is easier to operate without reverse action. The test hole can be applied to the power cord or signal line usage; the control part of the device is designedOn the right side of the 备, there is a temperature controller, control switch, etc., easy to operate, simple, easy to maintain.
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