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Effect of UV weathering test chamber simulated rainwater and dew

Ultraviolet Wearing Test Chamber Product Uses: Suitable for performance reliability tests for a variety of industrial products, the equipment is carried out with fluorescence ultraviolet lamp as a light-shifting source, and the ultraviolet energy spectrum of natural sunlight is performed. Ultraviolet radiation aging test. Because it is analog sun ultraviolet radiation, the test operator should minimize contact with ultraviolet light during the test operation. This series is suitable for aging tests of sunshine and artificial light sources of non-metal materials.

UV weathering test chamber The effect of simulation of rain and dew

Time for the outdoor materials and moisture, can be 12 hours a day, the results show this outdoor The main reason for moist is dew, not rain. Ultraviolet acceleration weather testing machines simulate the indoor moisture through a series of unique condensation principles. In the condensed circulation circle of the device, there is a water tank at the bottom of the casing, and it is heated to generate water vapor. The thermal steam is maintained at 100% relative humidity in the test chamber and maintains a relatively high temperature. The product design ensures that the test piece actually constitutes the side wall of the test chamber, so that the back of the test piece is exposed to the indoor environmental air. The cooling effect of indoor air is caused to test the surface temperature below the level below the temperature of the steam temperature. This temperature difference causes the test piece to have a condensed liquid water in the entire condensation cycle process. This condensate product is very stable and pure distilled water. This pure water increases the reproducibility of the test, while avoiding water stains.

Since the outdoor exposure contact wet time can be 12 hours per day, ultraviolet acceleration

The wet cycle of ultraviolet weathering test chamber is generally for hours. We recommend that each condensation cycle lasts for at least 4 hours. Note that UV exposure and condensation exposure in the device are performed separately, consistent with actual climatic conditions.

For some application processes, water spray can better simulate the environmental conditions for the end. Water spray is extremely useful in simulation due to temperature dramatic and mechanical erosion caused by rainwater. Roof, car materials and coatings used in metal buildings or structures often encounter sudden temperature dramas. For example, in the hot summer, when the heat is accumulated, suddenly due to heavy rain. The consequences of this temperature have a challenge for many materials. The ultraviolet accelerated weather testing machine is designed to reproduce this condition.

Since the coating layer of the wood from the rain, the paint and colorant, including paint and colorants, there will be corresponding erosion. Recent studies show that this rainwater scouring action can brush away from the surface of the material surface, the ultraviolet weathering test chamber, thereby directly exposing the material itself under the destructive effect of UV and moisture. This process can repeat multiple times, resulting in a material degradation, while alone is unproducible.

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