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What is the difference between the thermal oxygen aging test chamber and ozone aging test chamber

What is the difference between thermal oxide aging test chamber and ozone aging test chamber

hot oxygen aging test chamber is also name ldquo; ventilation aging box rdquo;, working principle: use new The air oxidation products of the incoming electrical insulation materials are suitable for the heat resistance test, electronic parts, plasticized products ventilated aging test, assessment and judgment to store and use under high temperature environmental conditions, sample in simulation The performance of the aerosol after the air under high temperature and atmospheric pressure is determined and compared to the performance of the non-aging sample.
thermal oxygen aging test chamber main technical parameters

: RT + 10 ° C ~ 300 ° C
2. Temperature fluctuation: le; plusmn; 0.5 ° C 3. Temperature uniformity: le; plusmn; 2 ° C
4. Sample rack speed: 1 miSH;

5R / min (adjustable)

5. Air replacement: 1 mdash; 100 times / hour
The content of ozone in the atmosphere is the main factor of rubber cracking, ozone aging box simulation and strengthen ozone conditions in the atmosphere, studying ozone to rubber, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-ozone aging performance Anti-oxygen protection method, which adopts effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products, reference standards: GB / T7762-2003, GB / T2951.21-2008
Ozone aging test chamber Main technical parameters

1. Temperature range: 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C
2. Humidity range: 40% ~ 75% R Bull; h
3. Temperature Volatility: Le; 0.5 ° C
4. Temperature uniformity: le; plusmn; 2 ° C
5. Humidity fluctuation: + 2, -3% R Bull; h
6. Sweet temperature rate: 0.7 ~ 1.0 ° C / min
7. Cooling rate: normal temperature drop to 10 ° C le; 20 min / non-limiting
8. Ozone concentration: 10 ~ 50 ppm (high concentration), 10 ~ 1000 pphm (low concentration),
9. Gas flow rate: 12 ~ 16mm / s

10. Sample rack rotation speed: 1 turn / min

11. Ozone model rack: static, dynamic tensile test model

The principle and experimental method of the two , Precision and equipment construction

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