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Application of ozone aging test chamber and post-ozone aging

The application of ozone aging test chamber and after ozone aging

Ozone aging:

Rubber ozone aging is often manifested as: powder, fading , Cracks, brittle, hard, and other phenomena.

Ozone aging test application:

1, coating adhesive aging test: anti-corrosion coating, high temperature resistant coating, waterproof coating, insulation coating, conductive coating, hot melt glue , Irrigation, sticker, glue, etc.

2, rubber products aging tests are: seals, hoses, film, conveyor belt, insulation sheath, sealing strip, rubber, tire, hose, rubber pad, waterproof coil, conveyor belt, car Jewelry, etc.

3, plastic products aging tests include plastic strips, plastic particles, plastic wire, plastic rope, hose, hard tube, bellows, artificial leather, plastic plate, plastic doors and windows, plastic film, plastic rod, plastic Switch, foam, cable, plastic travel profile, car accessories, etc.

The ozone content in the atmosphere is a major factor in the aging of the aging of the rubber and plastic products. Direct economic losses brought by the aging of ozone during the age of ozone

. In order to prevent the damage of ozone, people need to explore the ozone aging performance of the product, and the birth of the ozone aging test chamber is to achieve the quality identification or screening of the product by simulating and accelerating rubber aging. The performance indicators of the product are analyzed by understanding the mechanism of ozone aging, thereby targeting the product for anti-aging.

Ozone aging machine Principle:

Ozone aging of rubber is a surface reaction, and the ozone turtle requires a certain stress or strain, and the surface of the non-stretched rubber ozone aging is similar to the frost-like Gray white brittle film. Under stress or strain, the film is ozone turtle, and the crack direction of the crack is perpendicular to the force direction. The crack time of various rubber is significantly shortened as the oxygen concentration, but is different from the variety of rubber. Ozone concentration also affects crack growth rate

Ozone aging features:

Ozone to rubber, first manifesting the surface layer of the product, especially in stress concentration or mating particles and rubber The interface is generated, usually a film, then thin film cracks, especially when used under dynamic conditions, the film is more vulnerable to expose fresh surface, so that ozone aging is constantly developing in depth until it is completely destroyed.

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