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UV lamp weathering test chamber


UV lamp weather test chamber Product details Details

QUV UV lamp weathering test chamber

QUV UV lamp weathering test box is the simplest, most reliable, most easy to use Testing Machine. The QUV UV lamp weathering test chamber used around the world is tens of thousands, which is the most widely used aging test machine in the world.

QUV UV lamp weathering test chamber using special fluorescence ultraviolet tube simulated sunlight, simulated dew and rain with cold coagulation and water spray, truly reproduce Material injury caused by sunlight. The type of damage includes fading, gloss disappearance, pulverization, crack, cracking, blur, foam, embrittlement, reducing and oxidation.

QUV UV lamp weathering test chamber can easily hold up to 48 samples (75mm x 150mm), which is fully compliant with international, national and industry specifications to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the test procedure.

● Best simulation of ultraviolet light in solar light

● Irradiate closed-loop control system, continuous monitoring, rapid calibration

● Simulation of condensation function consistent with natural moisture environments

● Optional correlation best UV340 lamp or accelerated test speed UVB313 lamp

● Spectrum stable, tube life is 5000 hours

● Self-diagnosis Alarm and maintenance reminder

● Less maintenance, low operating cost

● Thousands of users and quality inspection agencies continue to verify continuous use

Easy to operate

[ QUV UV lamp weathering test box simple and mature design makes it easy to install, use, and almost maintenance. It is fully automated, which can run all-day operation. Features include:

● Easy to operate user interface, five optional languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian or German.

● Uninterrupted exposure conditions

● Machine self-diagnosis alarm and reminder service

● Acquired a patented AutoCal system to make calibration fast and convenient

[ Affordable

QUV UV lamp weathering test chamber economical affordable, easy to operate, because it adopts: low price, long life fluorescence ultraviolet lamp; condensate uses ordinary tap water.

Each model UV lamp weather test chamber

● QUV / Basic: UV and condensation (no radiation control)

● QUV / SE: UV, Condensation and Solar Eye Irradiation Control

● QUV / Spray: Ultraviolet,Condensation, SO / IMAGES / IMG / 4.JPGLAR EYE Irradiate Control and Water Spray

● QUV / CW: Cool Visor Light, Condensation and Solar Eye Irradiation Control

QUV / Basic UV lamp weathering test chamber

Thisthe basic model of the QUV UV weathering test chamber based on economically critical laboratory. The QUV / BASIC model uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamp and condensing system to simulate light and moisture. However, this model does not include Solar Eye solar eye irradiation control. Therefore, the intensity of light cannot be adjusted or calibrated. This means that the QUV / basic testing machine cannot be used for high irradiation conditions. In addition, you need to regularly replace the lamp positioning to adjust the lamp position.

It is recommended that the QUV / BASIC-type UV weathering test chamber can be exposed to test samples and control samples in the same test machine in the same trial.

QUV / SE UV weathering test chamber

The most popular is the Solar Eye irradiance control function in the QUV model, which is accurate to maintain ultraviolet intensity. The QUV / SE Test Machine uses a mature refrigeration mechanism to simulate outdoor moisture invasion.

Solar Eye Sun Eye System is a precise control system that automatically maintains the intensity of light by the feedback loop. The controller monitors the ultraviolet intensity and automatically adjusts the power output of the lamp. Solar Eye Sun Eye System:

● longer tube life

● faster results

● More Multi repeatability and repeatable test

● ISO calibration

QUV / SPRAY UV weathering test chamber

QUV / Spray ultraviolet lamp weathering test chamber and standard QUV / SE has the same function, and further includes a water sprinkler system.

Short-time spray can be used to generate thermal shocks. For longer time, mechanical erosion can be generated. The QUV / Spray testing machine can be set to separately irradiated separately, sprayed or gelled separately. It is recommended that all sprinkles use deionized water.

QUV / CW UV weathering test chamber

Some industrial test methods specify the indoor light stability test using cold white fluorescent tubes. In order to reproduce these indoor light conditions, QUV / CW uses common cold white fluorescent tubes. It has Solar Eye solar eye radial illuminance control system, which can monitor and control the output visible light instead of ultraviolet rays. See Lu-0823 - QUV / CW Overview Learn more.

Temperature control

All QUV UV testers can accurately control the temperature to increase accuracy and acceleration test processes. Although temperature usually does not affect the main photochemical reactions, it will affect the speed of any follow-up reaction. Therefore, the temperature control capability of the QUV UV weathering test chamber is essential when ultraviolet exposure test.

Multipurpose Samples Mount

The standard sample holder can be adjusted to be any thickness, up to 20 mm (3/4 inches) and allow quick to install samples. The protective ring can take a good sample, and do not need to cut the test sample to the range of close to the accommodation. In addition, custom brackets can be installed in various products, such as lenses, large samples, and 3D components. There are also multiple fixtures such as sample bottles, textile clamps.

Control and optional software

QUV UV weathering test chamber controller powerful and easy to use, support five optional language programming (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German ), And include a complete self-checking error function. If necessary, it also shows simple warning information, regular service reminders or safety shutdown.

The quality system requires the certificate documentation of test conditions, so each QUV UV weathering test chamber is equipped with an Ethernet connection. Optional Virtual Belt PC software allows users to automatically record exposure conditions and directly transmit data from QUV UV weathering test chambers to a Windows-based computers. Data can also be sent directly to the QS-lab Technical Support through email to seek expert diagnosis and exclude failures.


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Textile printing ink

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