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QUV optical aging test chamber


QUV optical aging test chamber product details Details

QUV Optical aging test box application:

• The world's most widely used weathering test machine, has a number in global Thousands of QUV optical aging test chambers are put into use.

• QUV Optimization Test Chamber has become a world standard for the accelerated weather testing of laboratory: ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, SAE, BS, ANSI, GM, U.S.GOVT and other standards and national standards.

• Fast, realistic reproduction of sunlight, rain, and dew on materials: only a few days or weeks, QUV optical aging test box can reproduce the destruction of months or years to produce a few months: Including fading, discoloration, brightness, powder, crack, variation, embrittlement, strength decrease, and oxidation.

• QUV Optical Test Box Reliable aging test data can accurately correlate the weather resistance (anti-aging) nature of the product, and helps the screening and optimization of materials and formulations.

• Applied industries, such as: paint ink paint, resin, plastic, printing packaging, adhesive, automotive motorcycle industry, cosmetics, metal, electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc.

QUV ultraviolet accelerated aging test machine test standard (part)

Welcometime ultraviolet and moist exposure test

This test method provides procedures for various types of textile materials (including coated fabrics and products manufactured by their products). Testing is used in laboratory manual aging exposure devices, using fluorescent ultraviolet lamps as light sources, using condensation humidification and / or spray humidification.

Laboratory accelerated aging program evaluates standard test method for color fastness of building structural sealing agent

This test method describes the use of fluorescence Ultraviolet or xenon lamp test equipment Determination of laboratory accelerated aging procedures for building structural sealing reservoirs.

Standard Test Method for Plastic Fluorescence UV exposure test

This test method specifies fluoresce in plastic according to G151 and G154 test methods. Ultraviolet exposure test specific procedures and test conditions.

Test method for exposure using laboratory light source acceleration test equipment

This test method provides in the laboratory The general procedure for exposing the non-metallic material in the light source acceleration test equipment.


Test method using fluorescence ultraviolet device to expose non-metallic materials

The test method is the basic principles and operation procedures for exposure testing using fluorescent ultraeternectile lamps and condensing devices, and is designed to reproduce material exposure The aging effect occurred in the sun (direct or through window glass) and exposed in moisture (rain or dew).

Automotive material laboratory accelerated aging test procedures These procedures were used to measure anti-degradation capabilities of automotive materials when irradiated with artificial light sources. . It describes the exposure test of sun-type carbon arc, xenon arc, fluorescence ultraviolet and condensation and double carbon arc.

Ground crystal silicon photovoltaic assembly (PV) - design identification and shaping

ISO 4892-1 (DIN)

Plastics - Method for exposure test using laboratory light sources - Part 1 General guidance

ISO 4892-3 (DIN)

Plastic - Method for exposure test using laboratory light sources - third part of fluorescence ultraviolet lamp

Accelerate automotive external materials using fluorescence ultraviolet and condensed devices Exposure test

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QUV optical aging test box characteristics:

1. The QUV optical aging test chamber is designed to be completely used from users, and it is easy to operate and safe and reliable. 2, the test piece can be adjusted, the test piece is quickly and simple.

3, the upward rotating door does not hinder the user's operating equipment, the QUV optical aging test chamber accounts for only a small space.

4, QUV Optical Test Box Unique Condensation Systems can meet the requirements of ordinary tap water.

5, the heater of the water is below the container, not soaked in the water, and is convenient for maintenance.

6, the control of the water level is to be placed outside the QUV optical aging test chamber and is easy to monitor. 7, equipment has a casing, easy to move, and the casters are standard accessories. 8, computer programming, misuse and fault automatic alarm. Light intensity can be programmed

9, with an amplitude illuminance calibrator calibration can extend the lamp life (longer than 1600 hours).

10, there are middle, English manuals, refer to convenience.

11, divided into ordinary, light illuminance control, spray type.

Main technical parameters:

1, QUV Photoelectric Test Box Condensation Device Simulates the influence of outdoor humidity / IMAGES / IMG/1.jpg, can reach 100% humidity

[ 2, there is an electronic eye irradiance control system

3, the QUV optical aging test chamber is accurate through the blackboard temperature sensor, repeatable test results

4, humidity, condensation, spray Water cycles Continuous test

5 Tube, in principle, the aging acceleration effect of UVB-313 is faster than UVB-340, but the UVB-340 is better than UVB-313 in terms of corresponding weather test focus. This depends on the computing and harsh of the client

to detect the sample: 75mm × 300mm sample 24 block 75mm × 150 mm sample 48 block ]

QUV has the following model selection:

QUV / SE type optical aging test chamber

Thisthe most common model of UV, with The solar eye strong control system is used to accurately control the irradiation intensity of UV ultraviolet light. QUV / SE uses reliable condensation function to simulate outdoor wet effects. The test results of UV / S are fast, repetitive, and the life tube has a long service life and meets the calibration requirements of the ISO standard. At the same time, its price is reasonable and easy to operate.

QUV / SPRAY type optical aging test chamber

QUV / Spray does not have a solar vision control system, so the control and calibration of irradiance cannot be performed. Since QUV / Spray does not control and compensate the change in irradiance, we recommend that UV / Spray is preferably used for the same conditions, and under the same device, the test sample and comparison materials are tested. QUV / BASIC type Q UV / BASIC is equivalent to QUV / SE, except for solar eye strong control and condensing system, QUV / BASIC has also increased water sprinklers, and the device is equipped with 12 nozzles (6 each side. ) And connecting tubes, controllers and valves.

Thisthe simplest model of QUV, mainly applicable to laboratory funding limited occasions.

QUV / BASIC Optical Aging Test Chamber

With condensation function to simulate moisture, no water spray function.

QUV / BASIC can set a test loop to simulate a variety of actual use environments: such as UV, Spray, condensation. Among them, short-range spray (minutes) is used to simulate thermal shocks; when long-term spray (hours) is used to simulate stress corrosion. We recommend spraying water should be pure water.

1, after-sales service support


Installing Environmental Survey: Wengkair will arrange professional and technical personnel to go door-to-door survey venues, according to different product needs, put forward installment requirements such as electricity, water supply and exhaust, and our company issued a picture and preparation of a picture Manual; After the customer installation condition is provided, we promise the province for a week, and the province will be installed for two weeks;

Product operation training: After the product installation is completed, Weng Kail The company will arrange professional and technical personnel to conduct comprehensive training for customers. The content includes basic construction, working principle, daily operation, maintenance and basic maintenance.

telephone follow-up: Regular phone contact customers, understand the machine Use, guide daily maintenance, promptly remind instrument calibration;

After-sales maintenance:

1 Product provides free warranty, product warranty We promise to respond 3 hours phone response, timely diagnosis, determine the solution; if the phone cannot solve the emergency failure, our company promises to deal with the free home delivery of 48 hours; non-supplies damage due to quality due to quality due (by fire , Except for the causes such as floods, magnetoelectric string and other convincing causes damage to the customer's factors), our company promises to replace free new parts;

2 Product warranty period repair, our company promises to respond 3 hours phone response, Timely identify the problem, give the next method of troubleshooting instructions; if the phone cannot be solved and the customer agrees to pay the door, our company promises to resolve the province, the customer undertakes the cost of replacement parts; lifetime technical consultation: Customer Enjoy a 24-hour free technical consultation for life.

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