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UV weather testing machine


UV weathering test machine Product details Details

UV weather testing machine Overview

The ultraviolet weather testing machine launched by QS-Lab mainly simulates ultraviolet light, and it can be reproduced outdoors March or years can be destroyed: including fading, discoloration, brightness, powder, crack, variation, embrittlement, strength decrease, and oxidation.

Universal, Textile, Printing Ink, Sealant, Plastic, Roof , Composite materials. Coatings, resins, plastics, printing packaging, aluminum profiles, binders, automotive motorcycles, cosmetics, metals, electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc.

UV weathering test machine function introduction

● QUV ultraviolet weathering test machine simulates the effect of outdoor humidity

● Electronic eye irradiance control system

] ● QUV UV weathering test machine measured accurate temperature through the blackboard temperature sensor, repeatedly reproduced test results

● Humidity, condensation, water sprinkler recycled continuous test

● The magnitude is CR-10 Calibrator traceability and automatic calibration procedure (patented)

● Sample Number of samples: 75mm × 300mm sample 24 block 75mm × 150 mm sample 48 block

UV weathering test machine moist Simulation

[ All QUV ultraviolet weathering tests provide thermal coagulation wet cycles, a harsh and real moist exposure environment. In general, products exposed to outdoor are often in a humid state in humidity for 15 hours. QUV provides two wet simulation methods. Because some application conditions also require water spray to achieve the actual effect, some QUV models can run a condensation cycle and run water spray cycle.

* Water spray The weathering test machine spray type can simulate the effect of rainwater, such as thermal impact and water erosion.

Under certain practical applications, such as in the sun, the aggregated heat is rapidly dissipated due to a sudden shower, the temperature of the material will grow sharply, produce thermal shock, this thermal shock is for many The material is a test. The water spray of the QUV can simulate thermal shock and / or stress corrosion.

* Condensation method

The condensing method is the best way to simulate the moisture erosion of outdoor, and the most application. All QUV models can run condensation cycles
In many outdoor environments, the moisture time of material can be as long as 12 hours. Studies have shown that this main factor in this outdoor damp is dew, notrainwater. QUV simulates outdoor moisture erosion through unique condensation function.

In the design of the weather testing machine, the sample actually constitutes the side wall of the test chamber, the back surface of the sample is exposed to the laboratory indoor air. The cooling effect of indoor air results in a low surface temperature than the water vapor temperature, thereby ensuring that the water vapor continuously condenses the surface of the sample. This condensate is a very stable pure distilled water.

In the condensation cycle, water vapor is generated by heating the bottom water tray of the test. Hot water steam allows the test chamber to maintain 100% relative humidity at higher temperatures.

Meet the standard (part)

ASTM G151, ASTM G154, JIS D 0205, SAE J2020, ASTM D3794, ASTM D4587, FED-STD-141B, GM 9125P, JIS K 5600-7 -8, ISO 11507, ISO 20340, M598-1990, NACE TM-01-84, Nissan M0007, PREN 927-6, ASTM C1184, ASTM C1442, ASTM D904, ASTM D5215, UNE 104-281-88, ANSI C57. 12.28, ANSI, A14.5, ASTM D4329, ASTM D4674, etc.

UVA-340 lamp

QUV UV weathering test machine UVA-340 lamp can provide optimum sunlight simulation Spectral, critical short wavelength range from 365 nm to sunlight cutoff wavelength 295 nm.

UVA-351 lamp

QUV UV weathering test machine UVA-351 / imageEs / img / 6.jpg lamp can simulate the sun through the window glass Light ultraviolet portion. Thisthe most material testing interior application, which is used to reproduce some of the degree of damage to some inks and polymers in the environment near the window.

UVB-313 lamp

The UVB-313 lamp tube of the QUV UV-Tester is mostly utilized than usually the ultraviolet rays that usually appear on the surface of the earth. Short-wave ultraviolet. Therefore, for some materials, these tubes may result in unrealistic precise results. The UVB-313 lamp is preferably used for quality control and research and development applications, or materials for testing very durable.

QFS-40 lamp

is also referred to as FS-40 or F40UVB, which is the initial QUV lamp. FlyThe S-40 lamp is still used in some traditional automotive test methods. QFS-40 lamps should only be used only for QUV / BASIC UV weathering testing machines.

Cool white lamp

Cool white lamp tube (only for QUV / CW model only) can effectively reproduce and accelerate the simulation office Indoor lighting in the business environment, as well as retail display lighting.

In addition to all models other than QUV / basic type, QUV Solar Eye irradiance sensor needs to be calibrated by the user to ensure accurate, consistent. It is only a few minutes to clear the human error.

The irradiance calibration CR10 is used with UVA-340, UVA-351 or UVB-313 lamp tubes, and the CR10 / CW irradiation is only used with the cold white tube

The CR10 and CR10 / CW irradiation meter need to return to QS-lab once a year to recalibration, and there is very little cost. Our calibration laboratory has passed the American Laboratory Certification Association and the ISO 17025 certification of England Certificate.

QS-lab China designated agent, won the outstanding contribution prize for 30 consecutive years

Technical service content

[ 1. After-sales service support

Installing environmental surveys: Wengkair will arrange professional and technical personnel to go door survey venues, according to different products need, put forward electricity, water supply and exhaust, etc. Requirements, our company issued a picture of a picture and installation preparation manual;

After the customer installation conditions are there, our company promises the province for a week, and the province will be installed at the door;

Product Operational training: After the product installation is completed, Wengkair will arrange professional and technical personnel will conduct comprehensive training for customers, including the basic structure, working principle, daily operation, maintenance and basic maintenance;

telephone Follow the return visit: Regular phone contact customers, understand the machine usage, guide daily maintenance, promptly remind the instrument calibration;

2. After-sales maintenance support:

1 Product Provide a free warranty, repairs during the product warranty, our company promises to respond 3 hours phone response, timely diagnosis, determination solution; Consumable accessories damaged by quality causes (except for damage from fire, flood, flood, magnetoelectric string, etc.) Foreign repair, INo 3 hours phone response, timely identify the problem, give the next method of troubleshooting instructions;] Lifetime Technical Consultation: Customers enjoy 24 hours free of charge for 24 hours.

3, the quality assurance

The accessories that our company are committed are imported. If other origin accessories must inform customers in advance.

4, professionals are equipped with

Our company is committed to at least 5 professional engineers, engineers accept the maintenance technical training of original manufacturers, and pass accordinglyTest.

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