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UV aging test chamber


Ultraviolet aging test chamber Product details Details

Ultraviolet aging test chamber Description:

UV aging test chamber can simulate ultraviolet light, rain, condensed, dark in natural climate Environmental conditions such as thermal shock, combined into a cycle by reproducing these conditions, and can automatically perform the number of cycles. During this process, the lamp is illuminated, the temperature and spray state of the test box can be automatically monitored. Programmable controller, LED display, and various parameters are directly set and can be displayed continuously.

Ultraviolet aging test chamber main function:

1. Light (irradiation can be displayed, adjusted, automatic calibration)

2. Condensate (heating water tray in the box Water vapor is generated, since the internal and external temperature difference between the box forms dew in the surface of the template)

3. Spray (12 nozzles, total flow 7L / min, simulated nature rain)

UV aging test Box application industry:

· Application industry is wide, such as coating ink paint, resin, plastic, printing packaging, adhesive, automotive motorcycle industry, cosmetics, metal, electronics, electroplating , Medicine, etc.

Ultraviolet aging test chamber model

QUV / BASIC UV aging test chamber

Thisan economical Key to consider the basic model of the laboratory of ultraviolet aging test chambers. This model uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps and condensing systems to simulate light and moisture. However, this model does not include Solar Eye solar eye irradiation control. Therefore, the intensity of light cannot be adjusted or calibrated. This means that the QUV / basic ultraviolet aging test box cannot be used for high irradiation conditions. In addition, it is necessary to regularly replace the lamp and position the adjustment lamp position. QSQSQ-lab recommends that the QUV / BASIC-type UV aging test chamber can be exposed to test samples and control samples in the same test chamber when exposed.

QUV / SE UV aging test chamber

The most popular is the Solar Eye irradiance control function in the QUV / SE model, which accurately maintains UV intensity . QUV / SE UV aging test chamber uses a mature refrigeration mechanism to simulate outdoor moisture invasion. QUV / Spray Ultraviolet aging test chamber

The QUV / Spray test chamber has the same function as the standard QUV / SE, and includes a water sprinkler system.

Short-time spray can be used to generate thermal shocks. For longer time, mechanical erosion can be generated. QUV / Spray testThe tank can be set to empty irradiation separately, sprayed or gelled separately. It is recommended that all sprinkles use deionized water.

QUV / CW UV aging test chamber

Some industrial test methods specify the indoor light stability test using cold white fluorescent tubes. In order to reproduce these indoor light conditions, QUV / CW uses common cold white fluorescent tubes. It has Solar Eye solar eye radial illuminance control system, which can monitor and control the output visible light instead of ultraviolet rays.

General standard

ISO 4892-1, ASTM G-151, ASTM G-154, British Standard BS 2782 SAE J2020, JIS D 0205

Coating standard

M 5982-1990, UNE 104-281-88, Isomery standard No. 330, Israeli Standard No. 385, Israeli Standard No.935, Israeli Standard No. 1086, Nissan M0007, JIS K 5600-7-8, ASTM D-3794, ASTM D-4587, ISO 11507, ISO 20340 Color, Fed -STD-141B, etc .;

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Other parameters for reference:

1, Machine Size: 137 * 53 * 135CM

2, Weight: 136kg

3, Power and Power : 230V / 50H 1500W (largest)

Water supply and consumption: condensate (about 8 liters per day) spray (about 7 liters per day)

Ultraviolet aging test chamber And xenon lamp aging test chamber

The test principle of the two detection devices is completely different. Xenon lamp test chamber simulates all spectroscopy of sunlight, including ultraviolet (UV), visible light and infrared (IR). The xenon lamp spectrum is basically coincided with the solar spectrum within 295 nm to 800 nm.

On the other hand, the QUV ultraviolet aging test chamber cannot simulate full spectral sunlight. It is based on the principle of exposure to outdoor durability / IMAGES/IMG/7.jpg, and the ultraviolet short-band 300 ~ 400 nm is the most important reason for aging damage. However, there will be no power for a long wavelength.

QSQSQ-lab xenon lamp aging box simulates all the spectrum of sunlight, it is used to test many products,These products are more sensitive to long-wave bands, visible light and infrared rays of ultraviolet rays.

Of course, regardless of how the test device is effective, if its purchase price is too high, then it does not actually apply value. That's why buy prices, operating costs, and maintenance costs are some important factors that cannot be ignored. These factors should also be considered when considering the advantages of a testing device.

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