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UV accelerated aging box


UV accelerated aging tank Product details Details

Overview of the ultraviolet accelerated aging box:

Outdoor product light degradation effect is mainly caused by ultraviolet light. According to different test conditions, the ultraviolet accelerated aging box has several different ultraviolet lamps to choose from. The fluorescent ultraviolet light of the QUV ultraviolet light accelerated aging box can simulate the most important short-wave ultraviolet light in the sun, and reproduce the aging of physical properties caused by illumination.

Reliable aging test data can accurately correlate the weather (anti-aging) nature of the product, and helps the screening and optimization of materials and formulations. The world's most widely used ultraviolet accelerated aging box has been put into use in a global Range Rules.

1. Light cycle temperature control range: 45 ° C -80 ° C

] 2. Condensation cycle temperature control range: 40 ° C - 60 ° C

3. Light radiation illuminance: 340 nm control point, irradiation intensity closed loop monitor and automatically adjust

4. Light intensity Definition: 0.25-1.55W / m2 @ 340nm adjustable

5. Light radiation illuminance display accuracy: ± 0.01W / m2;

6. ★ Light radiation illuminance calibration function: The calibrator calibration can be calibrated according to different set values, and automatic calibration input is used to avoid manual input generation errors;

7. Light / condensation / spray cycle: automatic control, monitor and display in real time;

8. Different test methods and procedures: can be selected and automatically controlled, real-time monitoring and display;

9. Accommodate the number of standard plates: 48 pieces (Size: 75mm × 150mm); ]

10. Can be used in three lamps: UVB313-EL, UVA340, UVA351;

11. Loom tube life: Depending on time, it is generally 5000 hours;

12. Meet the test standard: GB / T 5237.2, GB / T 14522-2008, GB / T 16422-3, ASTM G151, ASTM G154, SAE J2020, ISO 4892-3, ASTM D4329, etc.

[ 13. Application of equipment: QUV / Spray host 1, radiode calibrator CR10, UVA340 lamp tube 1 box (12)

+ Domestic pure water system 1 set (Chongqing Moore production , Supporting QUV use)

UV accelerated aging box application field

General, textile, printing ink, sealant, plastic, roof material, composite material., Coating paint, resin, plastic, printing packaging, aluminum profile, adhesive, car motorcycle industry, cosmetics, metal, Electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc.

UV accelerated aging box function introduction:

Wet simulation

All QUV UV radial aging The model of the box provides hot coagulation moist cycles, a harsh and real damp exposure environment. In general, products exposed to outdoor are often in a humid state in humidity for 15 hours. QUV provides two wet simulation methods. Because some application conditions also require water spray to achieve the actual effect, some QUV models can run a condensation cycle and run water spray cycle.

* Condensation method

The condensing method is the best way to simulate outdoor moisture erosion, and the application is most. All QUV ultraviolet light accelerated aging boxes can run condensation cycles. In many outdoor environments, the moisture time of the material can be 12 hours a day. Studies have shown that this main factor in this outdoor damp is dew, not rain. The QUV UV accelerated aging box simulates outdoor moisture erosion by unique condensation. In the condensation cycle, water vapor is generated by heating the test chamber bottom water tray. Hot water steam allows the test chamber to maintain 100% relative humidity at higher temperatures.

In the design of the ultraviolet accelerated aging box, the sample actually constitutes the side wall of the test chamber, and the back surface of the sample is exposed in the laboratory indoor air. The cooling effect of indoor air results in a low surface temperature than the water vapor temperature, thereby ensuring that the water vapor continuously condenses the surface of the sample. This condensate is a very stable pure distilled water. * Water spray

QUV spray type ultraviolet accelerated aging box can simulate the effect of rainwater, such as thermal impact and water erosion.

Under certain practical applications, such as in the sun, the aggregated heat is rapidly dissipated due to a sudden shower, the temperature of the material will grow sharply, produce thermal shock, this thermal shock is for many The material is a test. The water spray of the ultraviolet accelerated aging box can simulate thermal impact and / or stress corrosion.

UV accelerated aging box:

QUV / Spray ultraviolet accelerated aging box

QUV / SPRAY UV accelerated aging box and standard The QUV / SE UV accelerated aging box is basically the same, and deionized water is recommended when spray cycle.

* Equipped with a water spray system, including nozzles, pipelines, control and drainage devices. * shortThe spray of time can simulate the thermal shock, and the long-term spray can be used to simulate mechanical erosion caused by rainwater. * Ultraviolet light, spray or condensation function can be realized.

UV accelerated aging box and xenon lamp accelerates the selection method of the aging box

The test principle of the two detection devices is completely different. Xenon lamp test chamber simulates all spectroscopy of sunlight, including ultraviolet (UV), visible light and infrared (IR). The xenon lamp spectrum is basically coincided with the solar spectrum within 295 nm to 800 nm.

On the other hand, the QUV ultraviolet aging test chamber cannot simulate full spectral sunlight. It is based on the principle that the short-band 300 to 400 nm of ultraviolet rays is the most important cause of aging damage. However, there will be no power for a long wavelength.

QS-lab xenon lamp aging tank simulates all the spectrum of sunlight, which is used to test many products, which are more sensitive to long-wave bands, visible light and infrared rays of ultraviolet rays.

Of course, regardless of how the test device is effective, if its purchase price is too high, then it does not actually apply value. That's why buy prices, operating costs, and maintenance costs are some important factors that cannot be ignored. These factors should also be considered when considering the advantages of a testing device.

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User case (part)

After-sales service support

Installing an environmental survey: Wengkair will arrange professional and technical personnel to survey the site, according to Different products need, propose all aspects of electricity, water supply and exhaust, etc. One week, two weeks in the province installed;

After the product installation is completed,

Wengkair will arrange professional technicians

will conduct comprehensive training for customers, including the basics of the instrument Construction, working principle, daily operation, maintenance and foundation / IMAGES / IMG/8.jpg this repair, etc .;

telephone follow-up: Regular phone contact customer, understand the machine usage, guide daily maintenance, Timely reminding instrument calibration;

1 product provides free warranty, product warranty period repair, our company promises to respond 3 hours phone response , Timely diagnostic problem, determine solutionCase; if the phone cannot solve and belong to an emergency failure, our company promises for 48 hours to send a free home delivery; non-consumables damaged due to quality reasons (from fire, flood, flood, magnetoelectric string, etc.Except for damage to damage), our company promises to replace free new parts;

2 Repair of product warranty, our company promises to respond 3 hours phone response, timely determine the problem, give the next method of troubleshooting instructions;Solved and the customer agreed to pay the door, our company promised the province's first-week resolution, the customer undertakes the cost of replacement accessories;

Lifetime technical consultation: Customers enjoy 24 hours a day free technical consultation. 3, the quality assurance

The accessories that our company are committed are imported. If other origin accessories must inform customers in advance.

4, professionals are equipped with

Our company is committed to at least 5 professional engineers, engineers accept the maintenance technical training of original manufacturers, and pass accordinglyTest.

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