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Double spray type xenon lamp test chamber


Double spray type xenon test chamber Details Details

Over the years, the aging test chamber was used to simulate the effect of light, high temperature and moisture. When the fourth environmental factors, such as sour rain, sweat or swimming pool, etc., what changes will happen when participating in aging? These factors will significantly change the weather resistance and color fastness of your product.

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HDSE Double Spray type xenon lamp test box allows you to use a second solution other than purified water in a test procedure of xenon lamp aging and light stability. This effort is endless in the laboratory. This effort is endless.

XE-3-HDS double spray type xenon lamp test chamber Lab

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HDSE double spray type xenon lamp test chamber double spray system. In addition to pure water, other solutions It can also be used to make a sprinkler test. This makes other environmental pollutants or solutions can also be used in laboratory acceleration testing.

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HDSE double spray type xenon lamp test chamber flat sample rack is improved, almost horizontal sample placed can increase moisture residence time, which will produce a more real test results. Flat-like frames can also be placed in a soft sample, especially three-dimensional components and parts.

220 liters of reservoir

store sufficient second solution to facilitate operation. The lower part of the reservoir is equipped with a wheel for mobile and maintenance.

Full spectral sun light spectroscopy

QSQSQ-lab xenon lamp test box uses air-cooled xenon arc lamps, significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs. The service life of the lamp provides 1500 hours warranty.

The xunon arc lamp of the QSQSQ-lab xenon test chamber can be the most realistic reproduction full spectral sun light, including ultraviolet, visible light and infrared rays. The tests for many materials need to be exposed under full spectrum to provide accurate simulation, especially in color fastness testing and light resistance testing.

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HDSE double spray type xenon lamp test chamber multi-function double spray system allows applicants to use tests The standard solution set by the program can also be selected as needed. For example, an experimental solution can be produced according to the local acid rain.

BASF acid erosion test

In the 1980s, with the advent of automobile cover varnish, the erosion of acid rain became the industry problem of automobiles. Browte, Jacksonville, Florida, has become the main place for outdoor acid erosion test. However, the automotive industry still needs an acceleration test method with better correlation with outdoor results. In order to meet this application, BASF and QSQSQ-lab have studied a kind ofThe new test program uses a special solution to simulate the local acid rain. The researchers use this solution in the QSQSQ-lab double spray type xenon lamp test chamber, which is similar to the results of only 400 hours of Jacksonville in the 14-week outdoor exposure. As shown in the figure, there is excellent correlation with QSQSQ-lab BASF acid etch test and Florida Jacksonville.

The sunlight of textiles

Human sweat - the common effect of sunshine is the main factor in the shortage of certain laundry life. In many test methods, such as the AATCC TM125 can find some solution formulations for sweat solutions.

Chlorinated water - people have found that water in the pool will affect the sunshine performance of certain textile dyes.

Personal necessities

Soap liquid. Users can be set to different personal care to determine their stain resistance and light resistance by setting soap water to different personal care. The application is especially useful for bathroom supplies and kitchen supplies

QSQSQ-lab double spray type xenon lamp test chamber has more test conditions. It produces a more real exposure environment, and can test your special product or application environment with different solutions

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