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Sunflow aging test chamber


Sun-sue aging test chamber product details Details

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HBSE sunlight aging test chamber is a full function of light stability, color fastness And light resistance test chamber. It uses three independent xenon lamp tubes. The universal sample rack tray is 451 mm × 718 mm, which can test the three-dimensional sample.

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HBSE Sunlight Aging Test Box is the largest dimension in the aging test chamber produced by QSQSQ-lab, which can meet all sample testing needs, QSQSQ-lab in use. The XE-3-HBSe sunshine test box uses xenon lamp lamps produced by US QSQSQ-lab, with a lamp life of 1500 hours, long-life use tube allows you to maximize test costs.


QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HBSE suep aging test chamber The xenon arc lamp is most realistic reproduces the full spectral sun light. For many materials, full-spectral exposure must be performed to provide accurate simulation, especially when color changes and sunlight fastness tests.

Comparison of the Spectral and Natural Spectrum of the Sun Lei Diain Test Chamber

Q -Sun XE-3-HBSE Sunflow Aging Test Box radiation control Solar Eye sun eye radial illuminance control system can detect and control the output of the light energy to ensure the stability of the light energy output. The irradiance can be controlled at 340 nm, 420 nm or TUV, even after experiencing long-term tests, it can also guarantee the consistency of the output spectrum to obtain a reliable test result.

In the sun accelerated aging test, the output spectrum of the lamp is required to enter the filter of the filter can be used for sample testing. QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HBSE Sunlight Aging Test Box filter and irradiation meter are very durable and can accurately maintain the desired spectrum, which can be used for a long time. The standards used in the test specify the types of filters (except for the IR filter).

Spray function

moist, such as water spray, condensation and humidity, etc. are the key to testing many materials. All QSQSQ-lab models provide an optional spray function, and both XE-2 and XE-3 models provide standard relative humidity control functions.

When the material maintains the moisture balance with the surrounding environment, the material generates physical stress, which in turn produces aging caused by humidity. Relative humidityIt also affects the drying speed of the sample. Humidity control is often required in some extensive test methods.

Exposed samples in the QSQSQ-lab Xe-1 and XE-3 sunlight test chamber in the near level plane. During the spray cycle, the surface of the sample will leave a lot of spray water in a considerable period of time. This completely simulates the real use of many products (such as automotive coatings and parts, wood coatings, plastic sheets and some roof materials).

Sample Capacity

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HBSE Sunfun Aging Test Chamber Adopt multi-function three-dimensional sample bracket, can be used to fix different shapes, size test samples, sample exposure area With 3250 square centimeter, it can accommodate 55 standard sample racks.

The test criteria can be met:

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HBSE has a wide range of standard applications, including but not limited to test use of the following standards :

AATCCTM 16, AATCCTM 169, ISO 105 B02, ISO 105 B04, ISO 105 B06, ISO 11341, ISO 4892-1 amp; 2, SAE J2412, SAE J2527, IEC 68-2 -5, JIS L0843, MARKS AMP; Spencer C9 AMP; C9A, JASO M346, ASTM G151, ASTM G155, PV 1303, PV 3929, PV 3930, ASTM D4355, JASO M346, GMW 3930, GMW 14867, VDA 675242, GB / T 8427, GB / T 8430, GB / T 14576, etc.

Qualification Honor

QSQSQ-lab China designated agent, won outstanding contributions for 30 consecutive years Award

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