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Import environment test chamber


Imported Environment Test Chamber Product Details Details

Due to light, high temperature, and moisture, it is more than 100 million US dollars, these failures include: cracking, discoloration, embrittlement , Powdering, and strength, etc.. It is more likely to be aging for materials that are directly exposed to outdoor atmospheres.

QS-lab Xe-3-HSE Import Environment Test Box is a tool for material development and quality control, which can test which exposure to outdoor direct sunlight, window glass transmissive sunlight or indoor lighting environment The product. QS-lab Xe-3-HSE Import Environment Test Chamber has a variety of models and configurations, which can choose the model you need according to your requirements.

Sunlight Simulation

The real solar spectrum output environment is to ensure the guarantee of the accelerated aging test, QS-lab Xe-3-HSE import environment The test chamber is used in the United States imported xenon lamp tube, which can really reproduce full-spectral sunlight, including ultraviolet, visible light and infrared light. In color fastness testing and light resistance testing, accurate simulation can be provided. The life of the lamp can reach 1500 hours.

QS-lab Xe-3-HSE imported environment test box can also simulate the erosion of outdoor rain through water spray, by programming, available for The thermal impact and physical stress destruction caused by the rain in the summer high temperature environment.

Temperature simulation

The temperature control is important during the accelerated aging test, because the temperature directly affects the aging speed of the material, the sample exposure in Q-sun Accurate control can be obtained by the black standard temperature sensor.

Relative humidity control

QS-lab Xe-3-HSE import environment test chamber has relative humidity control functions, when the material needs to be around The ambient moisture balance is that the material produces physical stress, which in turn generates aging caused by humidity, and relative humidity can also affect the drying speed of the sample, and moisture control is required in some widely used test methods.

QS-lab Xe-3-HSE import environment test chamber has the lowest operating cost in the line, its lower purchase cost, lamp price and operating cost, in light Sexual tests in sex, you can save you a lot of operational funds.

Compliance with standards (part)

AATCCTM 16, AATCCTM 169, AATCCTM 169, AATM C 1442, ASTM D 2565, ASTM D 3424, ASTM D4303, ASTM D 4355, ASTM D 4434, ASTM D 4459, ASTM D 4798, ASTM D 5071, ASTM D 6551, ASTM G155, ISO 105 B02, ISO 4892-2, SAE J2412, SAE J2527.

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