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Xenon arc lamp aging test chamber


Xenon arc lamp aging test chamber Product details Details

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3 xenon arc lamp aging test box is a full function of light stability Sex, color fastness and light resistance test chamber. It uses three independent xenon lamp tubes. The universal sample rack tray is 451 mm × 718 mm, which can test the three-dimensional sample.

Spectral output

Full-spectroscopic arc tube provides extremely real solar spectroscopy, including ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light band

Q-sun xenon lamp Full spectral sunlight, and through the corresponding special filter, the spectrum generated in accordance with the US, Europe and China's export storage standard test requirements.

The irradiation control Solar Eye sun eye radial illuminance control system can detect and control the output of the light, ensuring the stability of the light energy output. The irradiance can be controlled at 340 nm, 4

Lab 20 nm or TUV.

Humidity Control

The electron humidity sensor is accurately monitored against relative humidity.
Temperature Control

Monitor the air temperature and blackboard / black label temperature in the test case.

Sample capacity

The total exposure area is 3250 square centimeter, which can accommodate 55 standard sample racks.

Appearance size

High 179.1 cm (70.5 inches); 91.4 cm wide (36.5 inches); 94 cm (36.5 inches).

Rapid results

The product exposed outdoors, the maximum light intensity of direct illumination in the sun is only a few hours per day. QSQSQ-lab Xe-3 xenon arc lamp aging test chamber allows test samples to be irradiated equivalent to summer immunism, 24 hours a day, every day. Therefore, the sample can be quickly aging.


QSQSQ-lab Xe-3 xenon arc lamp aging test chamber created a breakthrough cost-effective in low purchase price, low lamp prices and low operating costs. Now, even the smallest laboratory can also afford to perform xenon arc testing.

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-H: Full Spectrum Solar, Humidity Control

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HS: Full Spectrum Solar, Humidity control and spray

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HDS: full spectral sun light, with humidity control and double spray

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HBS: full spectrum Solar light, humidity control and back spray

QSQSQ-labXE-3-HC: Full Spectrum Solar, Humidity Control and Refrigerator

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3-HSC: Full Spectrum Solar, Humidity Control, Spray and Refrigerator

[ More real xenon lamp

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3 xenon arc lamp aging test chamber Xenon arc lamp provides the most authentic full-spectral sun light, but also controls the temperature of the blackboard temperature and in the box. . Sample mounting and optional spraying and double spraying of xenon arc test chamber provide the most authentic wet simulation. The XE-3 xenon arc lamp aging test chamber is also the only xenon arc lamp aging test chamber that can provide a double spray option, which can spray the second liquid (such as acid rain) to the test sample. It is also possible to select the cooling machine low temperature application.

Q-SUN filter

The light of the xenon lamp must be filtered to allow each particular application to obtain a suitable spectrum. The difference in spectra may affect the type of speed and aging. The application or test method determines which filter should be used.

QSQSQ-lab tube

Q-sun xenon arc lamp is most realistic reproducizes full spectral sunlight. For many materials, full-spectral exposure must be performed to provide accurate simulation, especially when color changes and sunlight fastness tests.

Product parameters

Meet the test standard:

AATCCTM 16, AATCC TM 169, ISO 105 B02, ISO 105 B04, ISO 105 B06, ISO 11341, ISO 4892-1 amp; 2, SAE J2412, SAE J2527, IEC 68-2-5, JIS L0843, Marks amp; Spencer C9 amp; C9a, JaSO M346, ASTM G151, ASTM G155, PV 1303, PV 3929, PV 3930, ASTM D4355, JASO M346, GMW 3930, GMW 14867, VDA 675242, GB / T 8427, GB / T 8430, GB / T 14576, etc.

QSQ-lab China designated agent, won the outstanding contribution prize for 30 consecutive years

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