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Xenon Weather box Product Details Details

Q-sun Xe-1-BCE xenon lamp weatherproof box Introduction

natural environment aging products tend to cause incalculable damage while today's consumers look for performance and reliability performance of the product is also increasingly concerned, and therefore anti-aging product testing is an important part of monitoring the quality of the product.

To detect anti-aging properties of the product, aging the natural environment often take months or years to complete, and thus cause the product development cycle becomes long. In order to obtain rapid aging resistance of the product data, laboratories can simulates full sunlight spectrum xenon arc lamps to reproduce the disruptive presence of light waves in different environments, may be


The research and product development and quality control of appropriate environment for simulation and accelerated testing.

Q-SUN Xe-1-BCE product function

Spray Function

Q -SUN Xe-1-SCE sprinkler function is particularly useful in thermal shock and stress corrosion test material when the spray function and can be set by a program.

SOLAR EYE (eye sun) light irradiance control system

Q-SUN eye with solar irradiance control system is a patented technology , to precisely control the light intensity. Solar Eye system allows the operator to set the light intensity, and the light intensity monitor and automatically maintained. Alternatively intensity monitoring points 340nm, 420nm or TUV.

Humidity Control

relative humidity (RH) is controlled Q-SUN Xe 1-SCE-standard xenon lamp weathering tester equipped. At the same time it allows the user to control, monitor and display the relative humidity, temperature and the air inside the board temperature. Further Q-SUN Xe-1-SCE also has a cooling function. Some indoor products, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, exposure temperature must be low to prevent unnatural aging. When testing these heat-sensitive materials, may be used with Xe-1-SCE refrigerator, meet the requirements for low temperatures.

with a refrigerator because, depending on the type of sensors, irradiance level, filter type, lamp life and ambient temperature Q-SUN Xe-1-SCE chamber at 19 ℃ -103 deg.] C operating temperature range. Xe-1-SCE refrigerator with the permanent configuration.

full spectrum fluorescent

Q-sun Xenon Test Chamber uses a full spectrum lamp air-cooled xenon lamp, the spectrum of sunlight can be highly reduced natural environment. Test data to ensure high correlation with the natural environment. And long-life xenon lampYou can guarantee that you have a lower cost aging test with a lower cost.

Irradiation calibration function

In order to ensure that the machine can still maintain a true natural spectrum output in the long-term operating environment, QS-lab Xe -1-BCE Xenon Watching Battery is equipped with sun eye radial illumination calibration function and a radiographic calibrator, which is effective to prevent spectroscopy through sun eye emission calibration function, while the radiographic calibrator ensures long-term long term The machine used does not increase the irradiation with the increase of the tube use time.

QS-lab Xe-1-BCE xenon lamps Watching sample bracket

Q-sun The sample holder of the XE-1-BCE xenon lamps can accommodate samples of various dimensions and shapes. The following is some of the available sample brackets

XQ-SUN tablet sample clamp, each fixture can be folded 2 samples

X -10113-K X-10113-K QS-lab Xe-1 Sample Bracket, 8 sets

X-10183 QS-lab narrow bottle, each stent size of 51 x 229mm, with a 17 x 203mm slot

XUN wide bottle bracket, each bracket size is 51 x 229mm, with a 19 x 203mm slot

X-10255-X QS-lab Textile The bracket is 51 x 102mm per bracket, which can be folded with 2 samples

X-10264-K QS-lab textile covers, paper cover bracket size is 51 x 102 mm, 100 sets.

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