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Q-SUN product details Details

Q-SUN Introduction

Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber is an important material for research and development and quality control testing tool that can test those exposed to the outdoors in direct sunlight, window glass product under the sun or indoor lighting environment.

Q-SUN Xenon lamp aging device comprises three models:

Q-SUN Xe-1 desktop chamber plates, Q-SUN Xe-2 and the drum chamber Q-SUN Xe-3 flatbed large capacity chamber. All full-featured anti-aging, color fastness and light fastness test chamber, compliant with all major test standards.

To date, Q-SUN Xenon lamp aging device has been widely used to assess various industries and laboratory screening material and durability.

Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber industry is the lowest operating costs chamber. Its low cost of purchase, lamp price and operating costs, a leading light in the test industry. Now, even the smallest lab can afford xenon lamp aging and lightfastness testing.

Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber installation, configuration and operation are very simple. Specially designed sample holder and the sample fixed assessment is very simple. All models of the devices are fully automated, 24 hours a day in the absence of supervision, seven days a week continuous operation. If problems arise during the test, the device will prompt intelligent alarm.

Q-SUN Xenon lamp aging equipment Features

Q-SUN Xenon lamp aging device seeks the most simple operation mode, having a simple user interface, can fail to automatically instrument itself controller, For more information, see the Q-SUN light aging chamber 9 big advantage.

Q-SUN Xenon aging equipment lamp

Q-SUN Xenon Test Chamber xenon arc lamp may be most faithfully reproduce the full spectrum sunlight, comprising ultraviolet, visible and infrared. For testing many materials need to be exposed to the full spectrum, to provide an accurate simulation, especially in light fastness and color fastness test Test.

xenon arc lamp light source must be properly filtered in order to obtain a spectrum specific needs. Difference spectra may affect the speed and type of the aged sample. Chamber equipped with three types of filter may be used to simulate a variety of environmental samples. Selection filter depending on the application and test methods. Q-SUN filter particularly durable, require minimal maintenance under normal use conditions. Q-SUNXe-1 and the filter Xe-3 by a particular monolithic glass. Q-SUNXe-2 filter chamber by a quartz glass or borosilicate glass inner filter and outer filter composed of two sets of upper and lower two sets of the filter as a heptagonalShape arrangement.

QS-lab xenon lamp aging equipment Operating interface

Based on practical and ease of use, the QS-lab controller can use five optional languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German) is programmed.

The user can program and store up to 10 test cycles in memory with a power-on backup function.

Each Q-SUN test chamber has been organized, and the standard used is selected by you and is pre-installed into the memory. This includes aging and light resistance standards such as ISO, ASTM, SAE, AATCC, IEC, GM, and VW.

QS-lab xenon lamp aging equipment Sample rack

Test samples in QS-lab Xe-1 and XE-3 test chambers are fixed on the approximate horizontal plane . This type of tablet sample is flexible, and many samples can be tested in many sizes, shapes, and types.

QS-lab Xe-2 places a sample using a rotary frame. This configuration is ideal for testing thickness, flat samples (such as textiles, paints and coatings). Standard sample racks have multiple sizes to place different samples. Special sample racks can also be selected for bottles, textile testing, etc.

Exposed samples in the QS-lab Xe-1 and XE-3 test chambers of the XE-3 test chamber on the approximate level. During the spray cycle, the surface of the sample will leave a lot of spray water in a considerable period of time. This completely simulates the real use of many products (such as automotive coatings and parts, wood coatings, plastic sheets and some roof materials).

Q-sun xenon lamp

QS-lab xenon lamp aging equipment is also equipped with CR20 irradiance calibration function And CT202 temperature calibrator, calibrating QS-lab xenon aging equipment is simple, only a few minutes can complete the calibration process, and our calibration laboratory has obtained A2LA and UKAS (ISO 17025) certification.


Each model QS-lab xenon lamp aging equipment contrast

QS-lab xenon lamp aging equipment application field

Qualification honor

QS-lab China designated agent, won the outstanding contribution prize for 30 consecutive years

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