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Circulating corrosion salt hook box


Circulating corrosion salt hangbox product details Details

Q-FOG CRH 600-HSC circulating corrosion salt hangbox made a real breakthrough in RH controlled corrosion salt hook box. In addition to all functions with CCT type, comprehensive variable humidity control can be achieved by using an innovative air pre-regulator. It meets the vast majority of important car corrosion test criteria, such as GMW 14872, SAE J2334, and from Ford (Ford Automotive), ISO (International Standardization), GB / T, VW (Volkswors), Volvo (Volvo), Chrysler Chrysler), Renault (Renault) and other standards. Furthermore, the model also includes spray functionality that can be set, which avoids the nozzle clogging of ordinary salt hazens often occur.

Precision Spray Control

Q-FOG CRH 600-HSC circulation corrosion salt hook box compared to ordinary salt fog, its salt fog diffusion The effect is much better, and the ordinary salt hangbox cannot independently adjust the spray amount and spray distance. Q-FOG uses a compressed air pressure regulator to control the distance of spray while controlling the flow rate of corrosive solution by a variable speed peristaltic pump.

Non-breakthrough in tested humidity salt fog

CRH 600/1100 imported salt spray test chamber is in the adjustable moisture salt Breakthrough products in the test, in addition to the traditional salt fog, Prohesion (dry wet alternate mixed salt mist test) and most of the circulating corrosion tests, newly developed air pre-regulating devices to achieve adjustable humidity Control functions and saline spray function, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of various latest version of the salt spray test standard.

Salt fog test type

Neutral salt spray test, Cass salt spray test, AASS acetate, salt spray test

Advanced nozzle cleaning function

[ CRH imported salt spray test chamber has advanced nozzle cleaning function, prevents nozzles from clogging - thisalso a problem that frequently encounters in other products in the market.

Adjustable humidity function and brine spray function

CRH imported salt spray test chamber by using air pre-regulators, blower modules, and atomized wet nozzles, the relative humidity of the box can make the contained humidity and The temperature is gradually rising to and retained in a set value. Treatment of deionized water normally.

Sprinkle function is required in certain car corrosion test specifications, and the solution of the user adjustable flow rate of the CRH imported salt spray test chamber is uniformly Spray to the sample, compared to spray functionThe sprayed liquid fog, the spray droplets are larger, the flow rate is higher, the spray time is shorter, and the user can directly set the sprayed on / off time to better control the corrosion rate. Advanced heating scheme

Advanced air heating method

The imported salt spray test chamber adopts advanced air heating mode to avoid conventional steam heating mode due to water vapor evaporation The change in salt fog concentration caused by water evaporation caused, resulting in a case where the outdoor correlation is poor, ensuring the accuracy of your test results.

CRH 600/1100 imported salt spray test chamber also equipped with a refrigerator, which can be used to control temperature control in the box in the test requirement in the summer high temperature environment to ensure The accuracy of your test results.

The standard (including but not limited to)

FORD BI-123-03, GMW 14872, GM 4298P, GM 4465P, GM 9540P, MAZDA MCT-1M, MAZDA MCT-2M, Mazda MCT-3M, NISSAN NES-M0007, Renault D17-2028, SAE J1563, SAE J23334, SAE J2721, TOYOTA T

SH1555G, VDA 621-415, Volkswagen PV-1210, Volvo 1027, 1375, Volvo VCS-1027, 149, Volvo VCS-1027, 14, Volvo VCS-423,0014


Q-FOG CRH600-HSC: Traditional Salt, PROHESION Test, Humidity Control, spray module, and the capacity of 640 liters.

Lab Q-FOG CRH1100-HSC: Traditional salt spray and Prohesion test, humidity control, spray module, and tank capacity of 1103 liters.

User case

Qualification honor


QSQ-lab China designated agent, won the outstanding contribution prize for 30 consecutive years

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