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Salt fog corrosion test chamber


Salt spray corrosion test chamber product details Details

CCT salt spray corrosion test chamber

QS-LAB CCT salt spray corrosion test chamber can perform numerous accelerated corrosion testing, Testing, including Prohesion, ASTM B117, and G85, BS 3900 F4 and F9, DIN 50.021 and ISO 9227, etc. These tests have been proven to be useful for industrial coatings.

Salt fog corrosion test chamber function

Prior to salt fog corrosion test, conventional salt spray (35 ˚C continuous salt fog) test is a standard method of laboratory simulation corrosion. Since the traditional salt spray test method does not simulate outdoor natural wet / dry circulation, the test results are often related to outdoor

Lab Not good.

In a Q-FOG CCT salt spray corrosion test chamber, it can circulate through a series of most important corrosive environments. Even extremely complex test cycles can be easily programmed with Q-FOG salt fog corrosion test chamber controller. More complex car test methods may require combination of humidity or condensation, with a multi-step cycle with salt fog and dry.

CCT salt spray corrosion test box advantages

Q-FOG CCT type

Salt fog corrosion test chamber

There is a low-strip wire and an easy to open to make the sample installation very convenient. The CCT-600 salt spray corrosion test chamber has 160 test plates, and the prototype size is 75 mm x 150 mm. CCT-1100 Salt Mist Corrosion Test Chamber Test Board capacity is up to 240. Precision Fog Dispersion Control

With respect to conventional salt fog dispersion system, the CCT salt spray corrosion test chamber has a more superior atomized dispersion function, and can be controlled to the nozzle by the variable speed creep pump The flow rate of the solution, and the air pressure regulator controls spray distance flexion dispersion precision control.

Quick circulation

Q-FOG CCT type

salt spray corrosion test chamber

can change the temperature very quickly because its unique hollower and high capacity Power cooling / dry fan. Additional air heaters can perform a very low humidity drying exposure test. A conventional box with a water jacket cannot be quickly circulated because of the high heat capacity heat, and low humidity cannot be produced. Affordable

Advanced technology and preferential price is the other important reason for you choose CCT salt fog, Q-FOG CCT salt spray corrosion test box reliability Strong, easy to operate, convenient maintenance - including all thisThe price is very affordable.

Q-FOG CCT-600: Traditional salt spray and Prohesion test, the container capacity is 640 liters.

Q-FOG CCT-1100 Salt Mist Corrosion Test Chamber: Traditional Salt Muck and Prohesion Test, the capacity of the box is 11 00 liters;

Salt spray corrosion test chamber meets the standard (part) [

Standard Test Method for Salt Spray Test Chamber Operation

This test method provides a controlled corrosive environment for The correlation corrosion resistance information of metals and coated metal samples is generated in a given test box.


Standard Test Method for Copper Accelerated Acetate Salt Mist Test (CASS Test)

This test method specifies copper acceleration acetic acid Conditions required for the salt spray test (CASS test) test specification.

ASTM D1654

Recommended specifications, performance requirements and test procedures for high performance organic coatings on aluminum alloy profiles and sheets

This specification describes Test procedures and performance requirements for high performance organic coatings, such coatings are suitable for building products (aluminum alloy profiles and plates).

ASTM D1735

Standard Test Method for Testing Coating Water Resistance using a water spray device The test method specifically in similar to Basic principles and operation procedures for testing water resistance in the instrument of salt spray test.

A 100% relative humidity of the standard method standard for waterproof performance test

This test method specifies the coating water resistance test. Basic principles and operation procedures, the coating sample for exposure test is in an environment in which the relative humidity is 100%, so that condensation is formed on the test sample.

Standard Guide for Organic Coatings on Metal Coatings

This guide covers organic coatings on the metal floor. Three methods of filamentous corrosion.

Standard Guide for Coating Powder and Powder Coating Test

This guide specifies the selection and use of paint powder and powder coating test . The test method is listed in it. For a particular feature, if more than one test method is listed,There is no more suitable between the methods. The method to follow based on the requirements of experience and each case, as well as the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

Standard Test Method for Testing Coating Water Resistance using a controlled condensing device

The test method specifies the controllable condensing equipment. Test the basic principles and operation procedures of coating water resistance.

ASTM D5894

Circulating salt spray / ultraviolet exposure test (alternately exposed to a salt spray / drying device and UV / condensation device) Method

The test method specifies the basic principles and operation procedures for metal-coated circulating corrosion / ultraviolet exposure test; alternate exposure between two different test chambers: one is salt fog / dry cycle, one It is a fluorescent ultraviolet / condensation cycle. ASTM D6577

Industrial Protection Coating Test Standard Guide

This guide specifies the selection and use of industrial protective coating test methods and test procedures.

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