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Salt mist


Salt Muffer Product Details Details

Salt Muffing Machine Overview:

Q-FOG Salt Muffs provide the latest corrosion test technology, accurate distribution and simple operation, Laboratory simulation simulation tests for natural corrosion can be provided. It is a salt-fog testing machine that simulates a better effect. Samples can be exposed to a series of different environments as repeated loops to simulate outdoor periodic environments.

Salt Milky Machine Model Overview

SSP salt mist machine for Prohesion test or conventional salt spray test, this The test is characterized by the conversion between the cycles, and the temperature changes fast. The spray cycle of a low moisture dry cycle and different corrosive solutions provides a real test environment. Many studies have found that this test is suitable for industrial lacquering tests.

Conventional saline spray

Continuous brine spray is widely used to test corrosion resistance of components or coatings. This test is applied to gold-plated or colored plates, aviation or military fields, electronic and electrical systems.

CCT salt mist machine is used in corrosion research and car cycle corrosion test. The Q-FOG CCT salt mist can include all the functions of the SSP model, which increases the exposure cycle of 100% relative humidity on this basis.

The current car corrosion test usually requires the sample to be placed in a test cycle composed of salt water spray, moist, low humid drying, and sedation conditions. These test methods were initially implemented by manual operation. Multifunctional Q-FOG CCT salt mist machine can automatically realize

cyclic test in a test case.


CRH salt mist

CRH salt mist In addition to all functions of the CCT salt mist, the CRH salt mist can also achieve a comprehensive variable humidity control by using an innovative air pre-regulator, and the CRH salt mist also has a programmable spray function. Therefore, there is a wider range of applications. Such as: GMW 14872, SAE J2334, and standards from Ford, ISO, VW, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, etc.

There are two dimensions of each model salt mist All models (SSP, CCT and CRH) have two salt cookers (600 liters and 1100) Rising) to meet a small number of samples and a large number of samples. The casters can be provided to move the salt spray in the laboratory in the laboratory in space.


Q-FOG salt hook box low waistline design and easy-to-open top cover, more convenient for sample placement. Test board brackets, hang rod kits and flat boards can easily place any shape, size and maximum 554 kg (1200 lbs).

Enhanced glass fiber structure

Q-FOG salt hangbox is made of rugged fiber reinforced plastic. Rugged, thick box wall and top cover have good insulation performance, which can effectively control the temperature in the box. The heat-resistant resin material can withstand test conditions than ordinary salt spray temperatures

built-in solution reservoir

Q-FOG salt hook box contains a built-in solution reservoir, improves space utilization Rate and reduced maintenance. 120 liters of reservoir volume can meet the needs of most tests for one week or longer. The reservoir is also equipped with a salt fog filter and a built-in level alarm function, and an alarm signal reminds the operator when the liquid level is too low.

The user interface is very simple

The user interface of the Q-FOG salt hook box is strong, the reliability is high and the operation is convenient. The controller has a complete self-diagnostic error detection function, and there are 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italy).

Fast Box Temperature Cycle

Q-FOG salt hangbox has a unique box heater and high-power drying fan, which can change the test chamber temperature very quickly. Additional air heaters allow the sample to perform salt spray corrosion test under low humidification conditions. Ordinary water clip sleeves in a salt spray box cannot achieve a low humidity environment or a fast cycle.

Precise salt fog diffusion control

Q-FOG salt hook box is much better than the ordinary salt hangbox, the salt fog diffusion effect is much better, and ordinary salt hangbox cannot independently regulate spray Quantity and spray distance. Q-FOG uses a compressed air pressure regulator to control the distance of spray while controlling the flow rate of corrosive solution by a variable speed peristaltic pump.

Operation and Maintenance Convenient All control components of the Q-FOG salt hook box are fixed in easy-to-calibration, inspection, and daily prevention maintenance. All subsystems are modular design and maintenance is very convenient. The Q-Fog controller has a complete self-diagnostic function, including prompt alarm information and automatic security shutdown.

Spray module with self-cleaning nozzle

Q-FOG CRH-type salt haze can optionally spray a spray module for uniform spraying of the entire salt hook box, in line with many car cycles Corrosion test standard. The quick-end nozzle has innovative self-cleaning function that prevents clogging phenomenon in ordinary salt hazelnuts.

Relative humidity control

Q-FOG CRH type salt cooker can accurately control relative humidity through the air pre-regulator, in line with most of the major automotive circulatory corrosion criteria. Most temperature control laboratories can use this innovative device.

Q-FOG salt box to avoid all unnecessary functionality with only the features you need.

salt spray machine automobile industry standard (section)

Q-FOG salt spray machine parameters


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1, after-sales service support

installation environment survey: Weng Kelvin company will arrange professional and technical personnel on-site survey site, depending on the product required, proposed electricity , and other aspects of water supply and exhaust installation requirements, I issued by the Secretary to prepare a manual installation illustrations;

products free installation: customer after installation conditions are met, our commitment to the province a week outside the province two weeks door installation;

product operation training: after the product installation is complete, Weng Kelvin company will arrange professional and technical personnel will conduct a comprehensive customer training, including instrumentation basic structure, working principle, daily operations, maintenance and basic repairs and so on;

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① offers one year free warranty, product warranty repair period, our commitment to three hours telephone response, timely diagnose problems, identify solutions; such as telephone and can not solve the case of an emergency fault, our commitment 48 send someone within hours of free on-site processing; non-supplies category by quality problems damaged parts (by a fire, flood, and other non-magnetic series with the exception of damage caused by the customer and the cause of anti-human factors), our commitment to free replacement parts; [

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3, the quality assurance

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