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Brine spray testing machine


saline spray test machine Product details Details

Solve spray test machine

The brine spray test machine is known as salt mist test chamber, which is hydrolytic corrosion. The reliability of the sample was detected, and the salt fog refers to a dispersion system consisting of salt microphilic droplets in the atmosphere. It is one of the three-proof series of artificial environment. Many business products need to simulate the climate around the ocean. The destructive, so the salt spray test chamber is shipped.

It is an environmental test for artificial simulated salt fog environments that mainly use salt spray test equipment to assess product or metal material corrosion resistance. One of the three defenses (wet heat, salt fog, mold) test equipment is one of the various environmental adaptive and reliability of mechanical, defense industries, light industry electronics, instrumentation and other industries.

QS-lab produced brine spray testing machines can provide natural corrosion optimal laboratory simulation environments. The latest studies have shown that the results of the saline spray testing machine are very close to outdoor natural corrosion in terms of corrosive structures, surface morphology and relative corrosion rates. Before the cycle corrosion test, a continuous salt spray corrosion test was generally carried out, and the standard method of simulated corrosion test was used as a laboratory.

CCT saline spray testing machine

saline spray test machine for Prohesion test

This test is characterized by circulation The conversion between the conversion is fast, and the temperature changes fast. The spray cycle of a low moisture dry cycle and different corrosive solutions provides a real test environment. Many studies have found that this test is suitable for industrial lacquering tests.

Production of carnic circulation testing of saline spray test

The current car corrosion test typically requires the sample to be placed in a test cycle composition of saline spray, moist, low humidity drying, and sedation conditions. These test methods were initially implemented by manual operation. Multi-function Q-FOG CCT devices automatically implements cyclic testing in a test box.

Precurable salt fog diffusion control

Q-FOG salt spray test machine is much better than the normal brine spray test machine, the salt fog diffusion effect is much better. Ordinary saline spray testing machine cannot independently adjust the spray amount and spray distance. Q-FOG uses a compressed air pressure regulator to control the distance of spray while controlling the flow rate of corrosive solution by a variable speed peristaltic pump.

Operation and maintenance Convenient Q-FOG Saline Spray Trial Trial All control components are fixed in easy-to-calibration, inspection, and daily preventive maintenance. All subsystems are modular design and maintenance is very convenient. The Q-Fog controller has a complete self-diagnostic function, including prompt alarm information and automatic security shutdown. The saline spray testing machine is used in conventional brine spray

Continuous brine spray is widely used to test the corrosion resistance of the component or coating. This test is applied to gold-plated or colored plates, aviation or military fields, electronic and electrical systems. Introduction to the technical parameters of SSP equipment

There are two dimensions of each model

All models of brine spray test chamber (SSP, CCT and CRH) have two brine spray test machine size specifications ( 600 liters and 1100 liters to meet a small number of samples and a large number of sample test requirements. The casters can be provided to move the brine spray test machine in a laboratory in the space.

Spray function (all models)

During the spray cycle, the corrosive salt water spray test machine performs conventional operation • Transfer the corrosion solution in the inner storage tank to the nozzle.

• Compressed air is wetted in the way to the nozzle by the bubble tower.

· The nozzle will atomize the corrosive solution into corrosive vapor mist.

• The inner heater will remain in the set tank temperature.

Fast Box Temperature Cycle

Q-FOG saline spray test machine has a unique box heater and high-power drying fan, which can change the test chamber temperature very quickly. Additional air heaters allow the sample to perform salt spray corrosion test under low humidification conditions. Ordinary water clip sleeves of the salt water spray testing machine cannot achieve a low humidity environment or a fast cycle.

Solid spray test machine solution

1.B-117 5% NaCl neutral salt spray

2. Acid salt fog 5% NaCl + acetic acid pH 3.1- 3.3

3. Copper ion accelerated 5% NaCl + 0.26 g / liter Cucl2 + acetic acid pH 3.1-3.3

Comparison of the model of each model of salt water spray test

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