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Circulating corrosion test chamber


Circulating Corrosion Test Chamber Product Details Details

CCT1100 Circulating Corrosion Test Chamber Overview:

CCT1100 Circulating Corrosion Test Chamber can be circulated in three functions: salt fog, dry dry And moist. The corrosion test chamber provides the latest corrosion test technology, accurate distribution, and simple operations to provide laboratory simulation simulation testing of natural corrosion. Samples can be exposed to a series of different environments as repeated loops to simulate outdoor periodic environments.

● The setting and operation of the corrosion test chamber program is very convenient, the operator can read the new loop or select A preset cycle test procedure. At the same time, the sound alarm or terminate the test process can be set through the timer. The controller will continue to display the current test conditions and test processes.

● Easy to operate: Q-FOG CCT cycle corrosion test chamber can operate, test conditions, including time, temperature, can be built into the interface The following four test cycles are set: dry cycles, salt fog cycles, 100% humidity cycles, and static cycles.

● Q-FOG Circulating Corrosion Test Chamber For more complex test cycles, it can easily use interface-friendly Q-FOG controllers to set up a cycle test program, which can achieve most important corrosion test methods. .

What is a circular corrosion test?

The circulating corrosion test is intended to be a more actual salt fog test than traditional static exposure. Because, the actual atmosphere is usually exposed to dry and wet, and the acceleration laboratory test simulates natural circulation conditions. Studies have shown that relative corrosion rates, structures and forms are similar to outdoor in circulating corrosion testing. Therefore, it is generally compared to conventional salt fog test stronger correlation with outdoor correlation, and various corrosion mechanisms (including conventional corrosion, electrical corrosion, and adverse corrosion) can be effectively evaluated.

The circulating corrosion test is designed to show a typical product aging in the outdoor corrosion environment. CCT test Place the sample loop in a series of different environments. The simple exposure of Prohesion may include recycling under salt spray and dry conditions. More precision and complex automatic exposure methods require multiple steps, which may involve soaking, humidity, condensation, and salt mist and drying steps. The initial automatic test program requires manual implementation. The laboratory person manually moves the sample from the salt fog test box to the humidity test box, a dryer, and the like. Recently, people have automatically exposed the exposure of the test box that the microprocessor controlled and reduces changes.

Circulating Corrosion Test Box Working

Use Q-Fog Circulating Corrosion Test Chamber, you can run these loops in a test box. Using the programmable controller, youComplex test cycles can be easily set, or run a predetermined program. The circulating corrosion test is repeatedly tested in different test environment cycles. Includes salt fog, dry, simple tests generally include two different test conditions: salt fog and dry. Complex procedures, such as automotive tests, require multiple cycles.

● Salt fog function

The compressed air is moist through the bubble tower during the to the nozzle. (Except of Prohesion Test)

The corrosion solution is atomized by nozzle. The box heater holds the temperature in the set box.

When running salt fog function, the circulating corrosion test chamber and the conventional salt spray test chamber function are the same.

The corrosion solution in the built-in water tank is delivered from the pump to the nozzle.

● Drying Function

When running the drying function, the indoor air is delivered to the test chamber through the fan and heated through the air heater.

The inner temperature is controlled by the box heater and the air heater.

A low humidity test condition can be produced in the box.

● Wet function When running moisture, humidify the contrast of the box by heat steam to keep the relative humidity in the box to 100%.

Only the CCT model circulating corrosion test chamber can run wet function.

The steam generator holds the temperature in the set box.

CCT-1100 Cycle Corrosion Test Chamber Advantages

● Avoid artificial mobile test samples in one test box to another test case.

● Avoid artificial spraying of test samples.

● Avoid errors between test results due to frequent moving samples. ● The CCT model is installed on the side position of the top cover to facilitate check the tester.

For automotive circulating corrosion test

The current car corrosion test typically requires the sample to be placed in a test cycle composed of brine spray, moist, low humidity and sedation conditions. These test methods were initially implemented by manual operation. Multi-function Q-FOG CCT devices automatically implements cyclic testing in a test box.

Installation Guidance

Power requirements: 220 ~ 240V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz, single-phase maximum power: 4.2kW.

Exhaust pipe, from The equipment extends to the outdoor and the inner diameter of the aperture: 4 (102mm).

WaterRequirements: deionized water or distilled water (resistivity is greater than 50kΩ · cm), no particles greater than 200 um, 3 to 56 psi (0.2 ~ 3.8 kg / cm2).

Ambient temperature: 19 ~ 27 ° C. [

Drainage: Installation Location by Flood Drain (5 cm)

: In order to have enough space for operation and necessary repairs, it is guaranteed to have an appropriate ventilation.

Technical service content

1, after-sales service support

Installing environmental survey: Wengkair will arrange professional and technical personnel to go door survey venues. According to different products, the installation requirements such as electricity, water supply and exhaust, our company issued a picture and preparation preparation of a picture;

Product Free installation: After the customer installation conditions are there, our company promises the province for a week, the province's two weeks of installation;

Product operation training: After the product installation is completed, Weng Kail will arrange professional and technical personnel will be customers. Conduct comprehensive training, including the basic structure, working principle, daily operation, maintenance and maintenance and basic maintenance;

Phone follow-up: Regular phone contact customers, learn about machine usage, guide day


Chang maintenance, prompt instrument calibration;

2. After-sales maintenance:

1 Product provides free warranty, product warranty Repair, our company promises to respond 3 hours phone response, timely diagnosis, determination solution; if the phone can't solve the emergency failure, our company promises a free home delivery within 48 hours; non-supplies damage due to quality due ( Except for fire, flood, magnetoal, magnetoelectric string, etc. , Timely identify the problem, give the next method of troubleshooting instructions; if the phone cannot be solved and the customer agrees to pay the door, our company promises to resolve the province, the customer undertakes the cost of replacement parts;

lifetime technical consultation: Customers enjoy 24 hours a day free of charge.

3, the quality assurance

The accessories that our company are committed are imported. If other origin accessories must inform customers in advance.

4, professionals are equipped with

Our company is committed to at least 5 professional engineers, engineers accept the maintenance technical training of original manufacturers, and pass accordingly Test. Lab

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