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Salt spray test chamber


Salt Spray Test Chamber Details Details

Due to the corrosion of the product and the infrastructure, hundreds of millions of dollars will be caused each year. Loss. It reduces the use of materials, especially metal materials. This loss includes a loss of strength, appearance, and gas permeability, and liquid permeability. Most manufacturers hope to make an accurate assessment of the corrosion resistance of the product. In the natural environment, it is often necessary to experience a few months or even a few years. In order to quickly test the product, the salt fog performance, utilization Salt fog test chamber for salt spray acceleration corrosion test has become a test method of most laboratory / manufacturers. Through the Q-Fog salt spray test chamber, you only need a few days or weeks, you can reproduce the corrosion of the outdated month or in a few years.

Salt spray test chamber function:

salt spray test chamber The solid material is conducive to control temperature and accurate control, and the full-plastic structure Q-FOG salt mist test box is made of strong fiber reinforced plastic, anti-corrosion and does not cause pollution to the sample.

Chassis overheating circuit breaker bubble tower overheating circuit breaker steam generator overheating circuit breaker air heater circuit breaker bubble tower low water level sensor bubble tower high water level sensor steam generator Water level sensor solution Tank low water level sensor . Therefore, the reliability Q-FOG salt spray test box is equipped with the following safety sensor, and once a fault occurs, these detectors will signal the controller and stop the corresponding components.

The Q-FOG salt spray test chamber can complete many circulating corrosion tests, such as Prohesion test, ASTM B117, ASTM G85, BS3900 F4 and F9, DIN50.907 and ISO9227 and other experiments. All or part of the following cycle procedures:

1, circulating A, ASTM B117 (NSS)

2, cyclic B, Prohesion

3, circulating C, CCT-1

4, cycle D, CCT-IV

5, circulating E, GM9540P / B

6, cyclic F, ASTM B368 (Cass).

Compared with type product advantages

● Precise spray control

Q-FOG salt fog test chamber is better than the normal test machine, can Separately adjust the spray amount and spray distance.

● Q-FOG salt spray test chamber cycle under three or four conditions: spray, dry, 100% humidity and static (pause). Can be in a corrosion test chamberReproduce a variety of most complex, typical corrosive environments.

● Fast circulation Q-FOG corrosion test chamber can quickly change the tank temperature because it has a unique box heater and a large-capacity dry-blower.

● Corrosion test chamber can self-diagnose functions for easy maintenance.

Q-FOG Tongue Salt Muck Test Box

SSP-Salt Spray Test Chamber

SSP salt mist test chamber compared to CCT salt fog The test chamber lacks high humidity environment control function, mainly used in traditional salt spun and prohesion test.

CRH-salt spray test chamber

Q-FOG CRH salt spray test chamber is the simplest, most reliable and easier to use salt fog with RH control Test chamber.

Q-FOG CRH salt spray test chamber can carry out traditional salt fog, Prohesion (dry and damp alternating mixed salt spray test) and most of the car cycle corrosion test. The maximum feature is that the relative humidity can be adjusted and the rise time is accurately controlled. There is also an alternative flushing function. Q-FOG CRH salt fog test chamber has two sizes to meet a variety of test requirements.

CRH salt spray test chamber

Automobile circulation corrosion test

The current car corrosion test is usually required to place the sample in Salt spray, moist, low humidity drying, and standvation test cycles. These test methods were initially implemented by manual operation. Multi-function Q-FOG CCT salt mist test chamber can automatically realize cycle tests in a test box.

The advantage of salt mist test chamber ● Avoid artificial spraying of test samples.

● Avoid errors between test results due to frequent moving samples.

● Avoid artificial mobile test samples in one test box to another test box.

● The CCT model is installed on the side position of the top cover to facilitate check the tester.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

SSP 600

CCT 600

SSP 1100

CCT 1100

Does not include top cover including top cover built-in brine storage tank 18.0 cubic ruler 22.6 cubic ruler 31.3 cubic ruler 511 liters 640 liters 120 liters 30.2 cubesFault 38.9 cubic ruler 31.6 cube 857 liters
1103 liters
120 liters
sample capacity:

100 * 300 mm (4 * 12 inches) Test sample plate
75 * 150 mm (3 * 6 inches) test sample plate
128 block
160 block
200 block
240 block
sample chamber

] Capacity:
Length width height (excluding top cover) height (including top cover)
42.9 inch
25.8 inch
18.0 inch
28.5 inch
1090 mm
457 mm 655 mm

57.4 inch Lab 32.1 inch

30.5 inch
1458 mm
815 mm
457 mm

74.1 inch
40.0 inch
48.0 inch
1882 mm ] 1216 mm
88.4 inch
47.0 inch
49.8 inch
2245 mm
1194 mm
1365 mm Installation requirements:
Drain-Size requirements
Maximum power
voltage / current
Compressed air consumption
Water supply
Drainage demand gt; 102 mm / 4 inches (inner diameter)
3.2 kW 4.2 kW
200-208 V or 200-240V, 50Hz or 60Hz single-phase power supply.
3.5cfm / 40-120 PSI (2.7 flow per second, 1.7 flow per second)
deion or distilled water (gt; 50 k ohms.cm), pressure is 3-56 psi (0.2-4.0 bar
User case (part)

won the QSQSQ-lab After-sales Service Certificate of Excellence for 30 years, Outstanding Contribution Award [

Installing Environmental Survey: Weng Kail Company will arrange professional technical personnel to survey the site ,according toDifferent products need, propose all aspects of electricity, water supply and exhaust, etc. One week, two weeks in the province installed;

After the product installation is completed,
Wengkair will arrange professional technicians

will conduct comprehensive training for customers, including the basics of the instrument Construction, working principle, daily operation, maintenance and basic maintenance, etc .;

telephone follow-up: Regular phone contact customer, understand the machine usage, guide daily maintenance, promptly remind the instrument calibration;

2. After-sales maintenance:

1 product provides a year free warranty, repairs during product warranty, our company promises to respond 3 hours phone response, timely diagnosis, and determine solutions; If the phone cannot solve and belong to emergency failure, our company promises to deal with special people within 48 hours; non-supplies damaged due to quality causes (by fire, flood, flood, magnetoelectric string, etc., damage to customer factors) Except for our company promises to replace free new parts;

2 Repair of product warranty The customer agreed to pay the door, our company promised the province to resolve the province, the customer undertakes the cost of replacement accessories;

Lifetime technical consultation: Customers enjoy 24 hours a day free technical consultation.

3, the quality assurance

The accessories that our company are committed are imported. If other origin accessories must inform customers in advance.

4, professionals are equipped with

Our company is committed to at least 5 professional engineers, engineers accept the maintenance technical training of original manufacturers, and pass accordingly Test.

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