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Salt solution automatic supplement device


1, labor force, influence efficiency, risk:

The most common distribution and adding method As follows: The client adds a certain amount of pure water in the water storage bucket, and then add a certain amount of sodium chloride, and stirring the stick until the sodium chloride is completely dissolved (or using a pneumatic mixer or using an electric mixer). After the sodium chloride is completely dissolved, the operator measures the concentration to reach the standard, and then add the solution into the apparatus solution tank (or use a pump) by a tool such as a scunt.

The whole process needs to operate a variety of tools, and it also needs to be transported. The energy loss of staff is large, and it is prone to mental, muscle fatigue, and affects other work. If an operation error or accident occurs, it may also affect the experimental results or cause damage to the device. 2, hour

If the device's reservoir capacity is small, it is necessary to adjust frequently; if the device's storage tank capacity is large, there are multiple salt spray boxes in the laboratory, Each assignment requires a lot of time consumption.

3, need to inspect

User needs to periodically inspect the liquid tank solution, so as not to cause the liquid level to cause the equipment to stop, affect the experimental results.

4, single-line liquid use time short Each time I can not satisfy the salt spray experimental demand for a long time, it is necessary to arrange a long vacation to add a solution to the time.

In order to solve the above problem, the hydrolymatic supplementation device

is to solve the user's problem, and the Weng Kail has developed a salt solution automatic supplementation device. Automatic stirring and delivery, monitoring liquid level automatic fluid, 1-time liquidation can be used for 1-3 weeks!

1, automatic stirring and delivery, saving time and effort:

The device is capable of electrorating, ratio of suitable salt solution. Users only need to be injected into the corresponding volume of pure water by the control system, and then add corresponding sodium chloride according to the pure water volume, and the apparatus is automatically stirred to sodium chloride completely dissolve. Further, it is possible to be delivered into the salt homix by the corrosion-resistant pump. It is no longer necessary to manually stirring and handling, labor-saving and reducing risk The liquid level monitoring device of the device will be installed in the solution box alarm line of salt homix. Above. When the level drops to the monitoring line, the unit will automatically transport the solution toThe corresponding solution tank. Automation, no need for manual inspection.

3, the holiday is not used:

Under normal circumstances, it is possible to use a solution for 1-3 weeks. (The actual situation is required according to the quantity of the salt spray, and the capacity of the solution tank and the capacity of the unit itself.)


1, is this device safe? Will it affect the original equipment of the laboratory?

A: Will not affect. The matching system is very safe: all floating liquid level switches and potentiometers are connected by relays to ensure that the external parts of the solution can be in a safe voltage and will not cause harm to the human body. This device is currently used in many laboratories.

2, what kind of salt mist can be applied? Is there a requirement for brands, models or volume?

A: No demand. This apparatus is suitable for most of the salt homixing boxes and most of the solutions (including pH 3.5 acidic solutions, glowing agents, etc.).

3, how to install after purchase?

A: Before installation: Undaoline engineers understand the laboratory environment and do the installation plan.

Installation: Installation by Wengkah engineer.

After installation: on-site training method, and provide detailed instruction manual, troubleshooting, etc.

4, is it simple to use? Convenient?

A: This device has a specialized control box, which is equipped with a digital display, a standardization button. Purchase will provide a detailed manual.

5, maintenance and repair: The machine is clearly labeled with special named cards, which can be contacted us according to the above call, email, WeChat QR code.

Saltered liquid automatic matching system function

Salt developed by Wen Oran liquid automatic replenishment means has a function of:?

function solution ratio (standard)

is a solution proportioning functions arranged in solution suitable concentration ratio tub salt solution, for salt spray machine.

It works as follows:

● Quantitative controller can precisely control the amount of pure water into the solution by the ratio control solenoid valve barrel by quantitative controller allows a certain amount of water into the bucket ratio.

● amount of pure water every time can be controlled by adjusting the amount of pure water quantitative limit controller.

● To manually ratioPour the appropriate amount of solute in the bucket.

● The mixer in the bucket can be manually activated when the solution is compared, so that the solute can be uniformly dissolved in pure water to meet the requirements of the experiment. ● The mixer is turned on when automatic control is automatically controlled to prevent the solute from precipitating from the solution to ensure the concentration of the solution reaches the experimental requirements.

? Solution automatic delivery function (standard)

The automatic delivery function of the solution is to automatically deliver the salt solution in the ratio bucket to each salt fog. In the solution tank of the machine.

The working principle is as follows:

● The pump is transferred from the reservoir of the salt mist from the ratio barrel ]

● By the liquid level sensor in the reservoir can automatically control the start of the pump ● Can be manually activated to transfer the solution into the hydrogen mist

● When the solution in the bucket is lower than the lowest limit, the device will automatically stop transfer

? Solution concentration monitoring function (optional)


The solution concentration monitoring function is ready to monitor whether the concentration of salt solution in the bucket is stable.

The working principle is as follows:

● Value the pH in the solution by the pH probe, then transfer the data to the monitor, through the monitor screen Check the current pH.

1. The ratio system is very safe: all floating liquid level switches and potentiometers are connected by relays to ensure contact. The external parts of the solution are in a safe voltage and will not harm the human body.

2. The matching system can apply most of the salt mist machine and most of the solutions (including pH 3.5 acidic solution, glowing agent, etc.). Moreover, by appropriate transformation, the ratio system can be used substantially in any device that needs to be added to the addition of a particular solution, such as a salt spray testing machine.

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