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Xenon lamp aging tube


xenon lamp aging tube Product details Details

QSQ-lab xenon lamp aging tube

QSQSQ-lab xenon lamp aging tube is most realistic reproducted full spectral sun light, including Ultraviolet, visible light and infrared rays. For many materials, full-spectral exposure must be performed to provide accurate simulation, especially when color changes and sunlight fastness tests.

Air-cooled xenon lamp aging tube

B air-cooled xenon lamp aging tube has the characteristics of economic, efficient and low maintenance. The lamp life is 1500 hours. Each small xenon lamp test box uses a single 1800W tube, while the QSQSQ-lab Xe-3 wear sericon is used 3 tubes. Lab Water-cooled xenon lamp aging tube

can be replaced atlas weather-omester reg; series equipment tube and filter, the price is lower

] For Atlas Weather-Ometer Reg; CI35, CI35A, CI65, CI65A, CI4000, CI5000, and Suntest CPS and CPS + model test instruments, QSQSQ-lab can provide alternative water-cooled tubes and filters. These replacement tubes and filter prices are lower, and ensure that the products provided with ATLAs have the same spectral energy distribution

This type of lamp is fully compliant with ISO, ASTM, SAE, and AATC requirements.

QSQSQ-lab tube parts number

X-1800 QSQSQ-lab Xe-1 and XE-3 xenon lamp aging tube ( Replace each 1500 hours)

X-1850 QSQSQ-lab B02 xenon lamp aging tube (replace each 1500 hours)

ATLAS Weather-Ometer Reg; tube parts

X-6500 6500 Watt xenon lamp aging tube (ATLAS Parts No. 20-6500-00 for Ci35, Ci35a, Ci65, Ci65a and Ci4000)

X-12000 12000 Watt xenon lamp aging tube (atlas zero Part No. 20-3053-00 for Ci5000)

X-1500 1500 Watt xenon lamp aging tube (ATLAS Parts No. 56-0017-94 for CPS and CPS +)

Related Filters

Since unfiltered xenon arc radiation contains too much short waveUltraviolet, exceeding the Earth's surface 'natural exposure, so the Q-SUN test chamber uses various types of filters to reduce unnecessary radiation to obtain a suitable spectrum.For most filter types, the maximum impact is the short wavelength portion in the spectrum.Since the destructive power of ultraviolet rays is inversely proportional (i.e., shorter wavelength more destruction), it is critical to match the wavelength and service environment.

Different QUV testing machines directly determined by those tubes, and QSQSQ-lab testers require filters to complete the same function.These filters can be used to simulate a variety of service environments including direct sunlight, window glass transmissive sunlight, and the like.Filtering performance does not decrease in years; therefore, unless glass is broken, no filter is required.

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