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Q-LAB calibration thermometer


QS-lab Calibration Temperature Meter Product Details Details

The testing machine for all QUV and QS-lab is equipped with a blackboard temperature sensor, monitoring and accurate holding temperature in the test. For some models of QS-lab, you can replace two temperature sensors or simultaneously with the temperature sensors in the box.

The tested machine's blackboard temperature sensor needs to be calibrated regularly. The calibration of the QUV test machine simply uses any reference thermometer. The Q-SUN test box must be calibrated using a special blackboard thermometer. Calibration Thermometer itself needs to be calibrated, once a year.

All QUV and QS-lab testing machines are equipped with Solar Eye solar eye radial illumination control system (except for QUV // basic testing machines). Solar Eye sun eye system can monitor and accurately maintain the irradiation level in the test.

The sensor in the Solar Eye sun eye system must be regularly calibrated by the user. This work can be done with special calibration irradiance. The irradiance meter itself needs to be calibrated, once a year.

QUV thermometer calibration

QUV blackboard temperature sensor needs to be calibrated by the user to ensure accurate, consistent. The calibration of the QUV blackboard temperature sensor is simple and can be calibrated with any standard reference thermometer.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature sensor does not need to be replaced. If you need to replace it, you can order an alternate according to the following components:

V-2156-X QUV blackboard temperature sensor (replacement on-demand)

Q-sun thermometer calibration

All QS-lab Blackboard Temperature Sensors need to be calibrated by the user to ensure accurate, consistent.

Calibration of the blackboard temperature sensor is simple, only a few minutes.

Please note that the CT202 thermometer has a non-insulated black panel sensor or an insulated black panel sensor. The sensor type must match the sensor type actually used by the QS-lab Tester.

CT202 temperature meter must return to QS-lab once a year to recalibrate, and there is very little cost.

Our calibration laboratory has passed the US Laboratory Certification Association (A2LA) or UKAS ISO 17025 certification in the US and UK.

Calibration Traceable to National Standards and Technology Research Institutes (NIST).

QS-lab XU-1 has an optional indoor air temperature sensor (including XE-1 type for the chiller). Calibrating XE-1 indoor air temperature sensor is simple, available for any standardThe quasi-reference thermometer is calibrated.

Due to the low cost, the relative humidity / room air temperature sensor is designed and improved.It should be replaced once a year without re-correction.

Common QS-lab thermometer zero components are as follows:

X-10235-X Q-SUN XE-1 / XE-3 black panel temperature sensor (on-demand replacement)

X-7778-X QS-lab Xe-1 / Xe-3 Insulated Blackboard Temperature Sensor (Demand Replacement)

Lab XR-11103-X QS-lab B02 Blackboard Temperature Sensor (Date-Demand

XR-11109-X QS-lab B02 insulated blackboard temperature sensor (on-demand replacement)

X-10415-K QS-lab B02 / XE-3 relative humidity / indoor air sensor(Replace each year),

CT-202 / RECAL thermometer recalibration service (recommended once a year)

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