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UVA340 lamp


UVA340 lamp product details Details

Compared to other types of lamps (including xenon arc tubes), fluorescent ultraviolet tubes are more stable. The spectral power distribution (SPD) does not change with the lamp aging, or even uses up to 5,000 hours. This gives more repeatable test results while reducing replacement lamps and reducing operating costs.

The ultraviolet lamp produced by QSQ-lab is much more than the sum of all other manufacturers in the aging industry.

QS-lab's lamp is based on our own experience with fluorescence and ultraviolet technology, which is specifically designed according to our own specifications. We conducted the most stringent quality control test in the industry. The results prove that the QUV tester then provides the most consistent, stable spectrum.

Several different types of ultraviolet lamps can be applied to different fields, as listed below.

UVA-340 lamp

UVA340 lamp tube of the UV tester can provide an optimum sunlight analog spectrum, a critical short wavelength range from 365 nm to sunlight cutoff wavelength 295 nanometers.

UVA-351 lamp

The UVA351 tube of the QUV tester can simulate the solar ultraviolet portion of the window glass. Thisthe most material test, used to reproduce the window Some inks and polymers in the nearby environment are damaged.

UVB-313 lamp

The UVB-313 lamp tube of the QUV tester maximizes the ultraviolet rays that typically appear in ultraviolet rays that typically appear on the surface of the earth. Therefore, for some materials, these tubes may result in unrealistic precise results. The UVB-313 lamp is preferably used for quality control and research and development applications, or materials for testing very durable.

QFS-40 lamp

is also referred to as FS-40 or F40UVB, which is the initial QUV lamp. The FS-40 lamp is still used in some traditional automotive test methods. QFS-40 lamps should only be used for QUV / BASIC testers.

Cold white lamp

Cool white lamp tube of the QUV tester (only for QUV / CW models) can effectively reproduce and accelerate indoor lighting encountered by the analog office and business environment Status, and retail display lighting.


Unlike the xenon arc test chamber, the QUV tester does not need to use any filters.

Easy to calibrate, guarantee accuracy

QUV blackboard temperature sensor needs to be calibrated by the user to ensure accurate, consistent. QUV blackboard temperature sensor calibration fastSpeed and simple, and can be calibrated with any standard reference thermometer.

In addition to all models other than QUV / basic type, QUV Solar Eye irradiance sensor needs to be calibrated by the user to ensure accurate, consistent. It is only a few minutes to clear the human error.

The radiometer calibration model

CR10 is used with UVA340, UVA351 or UVB313 lamp tube

CR10 / CW irradiation meter only together with the cold white tube


CR10 and CR10 / CW irradiation meter need to return to QS-lab once a year to recalibrate, and there is very little cost. Our calibration laboratory has passed the American Laboratory Certification Association (A2LA) or UKAS ISO 17025 certified. Calibration originated from the National Standards and Technology Research Institutes (NIST).

Multipurpose Sample Mounting

The standard sample holder can be adjusted according to different thicknesses, with a maximum thickness of 20 mm (3/4 inches), and is convenient for fast sample installation. The snap ring can be well pressure

, it is not necessary to cut the test sample to the approach to accommodation.

In addition, special brackets can be installed in various products such as lenses, large samples, and 3D components. There is also a sample bottle fixture, textile fixture and sample installation.


UVA-340LAMP UVB-313EL band range 320-400 nm 280-320nm Purpose Simulation Summer Zhengzi Silver irradiation test Accelerated aging test Origin US QS-lab tube length mm 1200mm lamp diameter mm 38 lamp tube stone glass

QSQ-lab China designated agent, won the outstanding contribution prize for 30 consecutive years


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