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2017 new PID automatic large screen UV resistance testing machine


Product Name: 2017 new PID automatic large screen UV anti-aging test machine
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2017 new PID automatic large screen UV anti-aging test Machine

Product introduction: The ultraviolet photooled tank is a light source using a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp. By simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, the material is accelerated to weather resistance test to obtain material weather resistance. .

Product Uses: This machine is used for non-metal materials, organic materials (such as coatings, paints, rubber, plastic and their products). The degree of aging of products and materials is discolored, faded in a short period of time.

1, product specifications and parameters

Product model Zn-p intangible size D × W × H450 × 1170 × 500: MM Dimensions D × W × H580 × 1280 × 1350mm Light Source Tube Wavelength UVA-340 / UVB-313 Options (Description Time Description) Number of tubes (4 free 4) Tube power 40W / support tube brand Domestic / US imports (optional) lamp tube Life

Domestic lamp tube 600 ~ 1800 hours; Q-PANEL tube 1800 ~ 2000 hours;

Equipment function basic function temperature, humidity, light, spray, condensate

optional function [ Irradiation display: Handheld or mounting irradiation instrument (optional) Lighting adjustment: dimming system technical parameter temperature rangeRT + 10 ° C ~ 70 ° C Humidity range ≥ 95% RH temperature fluctuation ≤ ± 0.5 ° C temperature uniformity ≤ ± 2 ° C Blackboard temperature 40 ° C ~ 65 ° C Tube distance 35 mm Sample and tube distance 50 mm Simulation condensation condensation System time adjustable test time 1 ~ 9999s, m, h adjustable support model 150 × 75 (mm) sample number of approximately 40 pieces of irradiance range u003c50W / m2

2017 new PID automatic large screen UV resistance testing machine

1, housing material: A3 steel plate spray treatment; 2, liner material: import SUS stainless steel plate; ] 3, the lid material: A3 steel plate spray treatment;

4, 8 UV series ultraviolet lamps in the two sides of the studio;

5, the heating method is the inner bile water tank heating, the temperature is fast, The temperature distribution is uniform;
6, the lid is two-way fluttering, and the opening and closing is relaxed;
7, the liner water level is automatically hydrating;
8, the sample frame consists of the liner and the stretch spring, all employ Made of aluminum alloy materials;
9, the bottom of the test chamber adopts high-quality fixed PU activity wheel;
10, drainage system uses a turning vortex and U-shaped sinking device drainage;
11, sample The surface and the ultraviolet lamp planar distance are 50 mm and parallel;
12, with tube replacement automatic alarm;

Third, heating system:
1, U-type titanium alloy high speed heating Electric heating tube
2, temperature control output power is calculated by microcomputer, with high precision and high efficiency electricity efficiency
3, anti-supernovation function with heating system

Fourth, blackboard temperature controlSystem:
1, using black aluminum coupling temperature sensor
2, using blackboard temperature meter control heating, temperature is more stable

2017 new PID automatic large screen UV anti-aging test machine

5. Circuit control system:

1, the control system uses a 7.0-inch touch screen controller, control accuracy ± 0.1 ° C

2, thin film KEY BOARD [ 3, with power-on memory function, can continue the remaining test process

4, temperature control can be used with PID + S.SR, and the system can improve the stability of control components and interfaces. Life
5, Touch Setting, Number and Direct Display

6, with the function of the PID automatic calculation, can reduce the inconvenience caused by people

7. Light and condensation, spray can also be alternately cycle control
8, light and condensate independent control time and alternating cycle control time can be arbitrarily set in one thousand hours
9, in operation or In setting, if an error occurs, alert current will be provided.
10, Nakoli Rectifier and Lifferent (guaranteed to be lightweight)

Lab Sixth, light source:

1, the light source adopts 8 UV series rated power 40W The ultraviolet fluorescent lamp is distributed on both sides of the machine, 4 each side;
2, has UVB-313.UV-A340.UV-C365 light source for users to choose configuration; (optional)
3 The luminescent spectral energy of the lamp is mainly concentrated near 365 nm wavelength;
6, since the fluorescent light energy output will gradually decay over time, in order to reduce the influence of the experiment due to light energy, this test chamber is all 8 When the fluorescent lamp life in the branch tube, an old tube is replaced by a new lamp, so that the ultraviolet source is always composed of a new lamp and the old light, thereby obtaining a constant light energy;

Seven, spray control:

1, spray uniformity adjustment: Using the controller's manual control function, observe the spray condition in the door, thereby adjusting or replacing the nozzle.
2, sprinkling state monitoring: The machine is configured with a spray device, the spray device simulates the temperature drop and rain erosion when the rain is rained, and there are several nozzles, spray uniform. When is it sprayed, how long it is, it is freely set by customers.
3, the user needs to prepare a pressure of deionized water.
4. Drainage: Drainage is required on the floor near the host.
5, work occupation: 234 × 353cm (including personnel working space)

8, safety protection device:

1, protective door lock: If the lamp is lit, the door of the cabinet Once opened, the machine will automatically cut off the tube and automatically enter the balanced state to cool, so as to prevent the human body, the safety door lock meets the IEC 047-5-1 safety requirements.

2, in the box temperature over temperature protection: When the temperature exceeds 93 ° C ± 10%, the machine automatically cuts off the supply of the lamp and the heater and enter the balanced state cooling.
3, the water level is low in the water, preventing the heater from airfining.
(The above is leakage, short circuit, over temperature, lack of water, overcurrent protection / controller power-saving memory)

Nine, equipment usage conditions:
1, ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ + 28 ° C (average temperature within 24 hours);

2, environmental humidity: ≤85%;

3, 80 cm before and after the machine is placed;
4, power requirements: AC380 ( ± 10%) V / 50HZ three-phase five-line system

10, reference standards:
GB / T16422.1-2006 Plastic laboratory light source exposure test method Part III: Fluorescent UV lamp

GB / T16422.3-1997 Plastic laboratory light source exposure test method Part 3: Fluorescence UV lamp

GB / T14522-2008 Plastics, coating, rubber material artificial climate aging test method of mechanical industrial products Fluorescent UV lamp
GB / T16585-1996 Vulcanization rubber artificial climate aging (fluorescence UV lamp) test method

2017 new PID automatic large screen UV anti-aging test machine

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