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Rubber ozone aging test box - find Pusranda production


Product Name: Rubber Ozone Aging Test Chamber - Find Pusage Production
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Product use: rubber ozone aging test chamber Liferous ozone Climate dynamic simulation equipment, suitable for assessment of vulcanized rubber such as static or dynamic stretching deformation, exposed to air environments containing certain ozone concentrations and temperatures, but there is a harsh conditions under non-direct-emitted light, can be used for various research Institutional and plant center laboratory for aging test chamber for the reliability of the product sample.

1) The box is in the form of an overall structure, and the air processing system is located below the casing, and the detection control system is located at the right side of the test chamber;

2) There is a flacker behind the studio, distributed heating humidifier, circulating wind chassis device, and the upper layer of the test chamber is equilibrated, and the gas in the test chamber is constantly discharged to maintain the balance of gas concentration in the test chamber. The test chamber is single-door door and is sealed with ozone.

3) The newly perfect arc shape design, high quality appearance, beautiful and generous, outer box uses high quality drawn wire to handle SUS304 # stainless steel plate or A3 steel electrostatic spray (color optional)

] 4) liner is high quality (SUS # 304) 8k mirror stainless steel plate.

5) Insulation Material: Hard Polyurel Hard PU Bubble Glubble + High Density Aluminum Silicate Cotton. The temperature has a thickness of 100 mm. Aluminum silicate fiber cotton high temperature 1300 degrees does not soften, insulation performance.

6) Airflowing System: Adopt long shaft motor, high low temperature, high humid aluminum multi-wing impeller, with intensity convection vertical diffusion cycle.

7) The double-layer high-temperature high-temperature silica gel seal is used between the door and the cabinet to ensure the semi-closedness of the test area.

8) It is easier to operate with no anti-counter-action door handle.

9) The bottom of the machine uses high quality fixed PU activity wheels, the water supply.

10) Observation window adopts a multi-layer hollow tempered glass, an inner glue-type conductive film (which can be clearly observed).

11) When any failure occurs, it is immediately displayed by the screen, and the power is displayed immediately, and the power supply is turned off, ensuring that the machine itself, the product and the user are safe. Lab 12) The sample frame is stainless steel, a variety of sample frame devices, meets the dynamic tensile test, and the operation is convenient and reliable;

This device complies with GB / T7762-2003, GB / T13642- 92, ASTM-D1149, ASTM-D1171, ASTM-D3041, JISK6259, ASTM1149, ISO1431.

Specifications and technical parameters:



Studio Size W * H * D

500 * 600 * 500mm

700 * 800 * 900mm

1000 * 1000 * 1000mm

Temperature humidity range

RT + 10 ° C ~ 80 ° C

Relative humidity 60--95% RH


≤ ± 0.5 ° C


≤ 2 ° C

Ozone concentration

20 ~ 1000PPHM adjustable

ozone concentration deviation

10% National standard

Ozone concentration deviation

Rotary speed

Specling frame rotation speed 0 ~ 50mm / s

Dynamic pulling frequency


Test gas flow

0 ~ 60L / min

new type of sample frame (each The fixture can be installed to install the test member to meet the I-type dumbbell piece and the actual work)

Safety protection

Power overload, control loop overload, short circuit protection, ground protection, motor overload protection, super Warming alert

JISK6259, ASTM1149, ISO1413, GB / T7762, GB / T13642, etc.

static pulsation detectable rack operation trajectory is satisfied Principle GB / T7762-2003

Main Features:

A: The reasonable position of the door is set to have a transparent window, and the box is attached Lighting is used to observe changes in indoor samples. The observation window adopts the multi-layer hollow tempered glass, the inner glue sheet conductive film, transparent, insulation, not easy to generate steam frost

B: The equipment is stirred with a long-axis fan motor, high temperature resistance. Stainless steel multi-wing impeller, with intensity convection vertical diffusion cycle, so that the temperature in the laboratory is uniform and stable

C: It uses no anti-counter door handle, more easy

D: High quality fixed PU activity wheel at the bottom of the machine can be easily moved to the specified position, fixing the casters

E: The housing is cold plate spray / liner is stainless steel.

F: Ozone concentration / temperature and humidity set value control PID self-tuning, easy to operate and reliable

G: The sample holder can rotate 360 degrees

H: heater: nickel Chromium alloy electric heating wire

i: Drawing water tank water supply, water level is insufficient automatic alarm

J: Humidification method using electric thermal steam

K: Controller: Color LCD touch screen controller (button),LED display, display resolution temperature (0.1 ° C), humidity (0.1% RH), ozone concentration (1 pphm), PID set value control, easy to operate.

L: Protection device: power supply overload, short-circuit protection, Control loop overload, short circuit protection, ground protection, over temperature protection, alarm signal, lack of water protection, etc.

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