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Xenon lamp aging machine


Product Name: Xenon Light Aging Machine
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1. [HD-711 xenon aging machine instrument use]
This instrument is analog solar radiation, temperature, humidity Under the conditions of condensation, rain and other comprehensive climates, the changes of materials were observed and analyzed. The xenon lamp test chamber (air-cooled) adopts a xenon arc lamp that can effect in the full sunlight, and can provide corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration tests for scientific research, product development and quality control. Xenon weather resistance box can be used for the choice of new materials, improve the change test of existing materials or evaluate the variation of the material, and can simulate the changes in the sunlight under different environmental conditions.

Second, [HD-711 xenon lamp aging machine according to standard]
This UV accelerated weathering test machine is suitable for performance reliability tests for a variety of industrial products, referring to GB / T14522-93 China National Standards of the People's Republic of China - Mechanical Industrial Products Plastics, Coatings, Rubber Materials - Artificial Climate Acceleration Test Methods , GB / T16585-1996 National Standards of the People's Republic of China /T16422.3-1997 Plastics Laboratory Laboratory Exposure Test Method and other standard clauses design and manufacturing;
in line with international testing standards: ASTM D4329, D499, D4587, D5208, G154, G53; ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507 EN 534; PREN 1062-4, BS


2782; JIS D0205; SAE J2020, all current ultraviolet aging test criteria.
Third, [HD-711 xenon aging machine instrument
1, the liner is made of advanced stainless steel plate, the outer shell is SUS304 # stainless steel oil hair plate. The liner material uses a high-grade stainless steel sanding plate. The outer casing is electrostatically sprayed with cold-rolled sheets, and the overall appearance is beautiful
2, the dynamic rotating sample rack, the speed adjustable.
3, using the imported intelligent temperature and humidity controller for temperature control, with PID adjustment, quick self-tuning, can set multiple parameters, the temperature direct digital display, the reading is extremely convenient;
4, filter observation Window, harmful gas exhaust port.
5, bimetal blackboard thermometer.
6, a variety of safety protection devices.
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