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Salt spray aging machine


Product Name: Brine Spray Aging Machine
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Salt spray aging machine use:
is an environment for artificially simulated salt fog environment conditions to assess the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials Test equipment. Also called brine spray testing machine, brine spray test chamber, salt spray box, salt spray test, salt spray test chamber.
Structural characteristics of saline spray aging machine:
◆ The whole plant is made of imported PVC board, the structure is firm, neverformable, and acid and alkali resistant, high temperature, never aging.
◆ Adopt automatic / manual water water system, can automatically / manually add water when the water level is insufficient, and the guarantee is not interrupted, and the water level is insufficient warning reminder.
◆ Precision glass nozzle, uniform fog diffuse, and naturally evenly on the test piece to ensure non-crystalline obstruction. ◆ The controller is all in the same board, which is clear and easy to operate.
◆ Double over temperature protection, water level is not alert, ensuring safe and reliable use.
◆ Import temperature controller has manual or fully automatic control mode, using digital display, PID control, error ± 0.1 ° C, large set time value of 999 HRS.
◆ The laboratory has a direct heating method of steam, and the temperature rise rate is fast and uniform, and the standby time is shortened.
Brine Spray Aging Machine Control System:
◆ High-precision PID Controller, resolution is ± 1 ° C, domestic digital display
◆ Continuous or cycle spray optional
◆ All circuits There is a circuit breaker, all heaters have electronic and mechanical overheating protection devices, fire-resistant resins for distribution boxes
◆ Double super temperature protection, safety can be used


saline Spray aging machine preparation preparation:
◆ Distilled water should be added at the bottom of the studio, which is subject to the height of the underwater hole eraser in the bottom of the box, to prevent the box.
◆ Add distilled water before the upper part of the box, should not be filled, so that the salt fog is not overflowing after closing the cover.
◆ A distilled water or deionized water is added to the air saturated (stainless steel drum), and the water level degree is the upper 4/5 position of the glass tube in the liquid plane, and when the distilled water should be opened, the inlet valve of the upper portion of the saturacter should be opened. When adding to the specified water level, the valve must be closed. After a long trial, the water of the satuid will consume, the water level is lowered to the lower 1/5 position, and it should be hydrated in time to prevent the heating element in the saturated.
◆ Use the rubber tube to connect the water spray and the inlet of the spray tower in the working chamber, put the prepared salt solution (concentration according to 5%) into the water storage tank behind the salt haze, salt water due to atmospheric pressure The action is balanced automatically into the spray tower, and the brine can not be lower than the lower limit marker of the water storage tank (ie the water exit).
◆ ◆ Salt fog discharged from the rear of the box has an effect on the indoor facility, allowing the user to extend the discharge tube, so that the discharged salt spray is out of the outlet, but the discharge tube cannot be blocked, so as not to affect the emission of salt fog . RowThere is a row of water pipe below the fog, and the user should pick it up.
◆ Adjustment of air pressure:
A: The intake pressure is manually adjusted by the grade regulator valve, generally controlled at 2 to 4 kg / cm2
B: The spray pressure is adjusted from the pressure reducing valve to 0.5 ~ 1.7kg /CM2, the above adjustment has been adjusted before the factory, the user generally does not need to be adjusted again.
◆ Put the funnel rack inside the box, the rubber tube on the inteprer, the corresponding funnel, soIn the trial, there is no need to open the cover, and the amount of salt mist in the outside is read out.
◆ Set the required to do
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