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Ozone aging test chamber product price


Product Name: Ozone aging test chamber product price
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Ozone aging test chamber | Ozone aging machine | Ozone detector
Product Name: Ozone aging test chamber | Ozone aging Machine | Ozone Tester
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Product Specifications: QL
Product Note: This series is suitable for aging materials and rubber products aging crack test.
Ozone aging test chamber

■ Ozone aging test chamber product use
This series is suitable for aging materials and rubber articles of aging crack test.
Box structure
The box is machined from the CNC machine tool, the shape is beautiful, and there is no anti-prototype. It is easy to operate.
The cabinet is used in an imported advanced stainless steel plate. The outer steel plate is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which increases appearance and cleanliness.
The heating method is heating heating, the temperature is fast, and the temperature distribution is uniform.
Built-in 360 degree rotating sample rack.
■ Ozone aging test chamber control system
With an imported ozone concentration control analyzer, standard signal output and sampling are used.
Silent discharge tube type ozone generator (having a small noise, high purity)
Temperature controller adopts an imported number display touch button, a PID microcomputer SSR temperature controller.
■ Ozone aging test chamber meets the standard
GB / T7762-2003 GB / T3642-92 Ozone aging test chamber Specifications and technical parameters
Model QL-100 QL-250 QL-500 QL-010
Studio size D × W × H 450 × 450 × 500 500 × 600 × 750 700 × 800 × 900 1000 × 1000 × 1000
Performance index temperature range 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C
humidity range ≥ 65% rh [
Ozone concentration 0 ~ 200ppm, 0 ~ 300 ppm
temperature fluctuation ± 0.5 ° C
Operation control system test device dynamic, static (optional)
sample rack speed 360 degree rotation sample holder ( Rotary 1 revolutions per minute)
Gas flow rate 12 ~ 16mm / s
Temperature controller imported LED digital display P, I, D + S, S, R. Microcomputer integrated controller
Time controller high precision Hour, minute, second time controller
Ozone concentration analysis of imported concentration analysis regulator 4 ~ 20mA output, RS232 communication port
ozone generator silent discharge tube
safety protection, short circuit, super temperature, motor Overheater, overcurrent protection
Information, if there is any change without notice

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