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Salt fog test chamber

Salt spray test chamber Construction Test Instrument

, in essence, the subtente

4.1 and 4.5 The components described . A portion that can contact the spray or test solution in all test instruments requires resistance to the corrosion , [ A material produced by the solution or spray corrosion effect If the test solution is changed from Cass to [ ASS or or from ASS becomes SS, [ The instrument needs to be cleaned to ensure that the copper salt or acetic acid does not affect the results 1 Salt fog test box [ The box needs to be heated , and requires maintaining pressure balance ,


, , ,

, SS SS SS SS SS [ ASS Test is (35 PLUSMN 2) ° C , CASS Test is PLUSMN 2) ° C . test The container requires ZUI small volume 400 , , and can ensure that the spray agglomerated droplets do not drop from top or side And hinders the sample contact spray . , at the spray The test solution cannot be reused . The effective space of the test is limited to the spout , in the box , and the portion of the spray diffusion range , [ Subtail 2 [ Nozzle The spray of the spray should be used for polypropylene glass or stainlessly , If other materials



mm , Spray diffusion angle 30 [ Nozzle Standard pressure 0.7-1.4 bar, nozzle is from the liquid surface 200-500mm, . . Monitor this device to ensure that each hour's spray control is within the description . The spray port can monitor , if there is more than one spout, each spout requires special traffic Sensor . The spray cannot be positive to the sample, requiring a spray barrier or an instrument wall. If the head is located at the bottom, spray up (Fig. , Example 2 ). The spray in Example1 can only be carried out in a large capacity instrument, ensuring that there is no sample placed above the head. Need to select the number and arrangement of the spray port to ensure that subtraising 7.2 and

8.6 [ , 3 supply tube Need to design a test solution containing a spray to keep the head of the water pump remain unchanged during the test . 4 Compressed air supply catheter and air moisturizing

Need to design an air humidifier to ensure In the process

, Compressed air is filled with moisture . The catheter between the spout and compressed air should have a pressure standard [ 5

The sample is fixed with a stent to keep it in the salt fog area and to ensure that the possibility of contacting corrosion is excluded. There must be a certain distance between the samples, ensuring that the same solution is not dripped to another sample .

Sample panel is in the horizontal surface [ 123 70

The test needs to be exposed to the salt mist . Product part The erosion state should be installed in the instrument according to the size of , or exposed in use . This location should be agreed [

Special attention to ensuring that the salt solution as possible will accumulate at the hole


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