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Troubleshooting of high and low temperature test chamber

The following is the high and low temperature test chamber fault rule of Beijing QINSUN 's ring test, for reference, such as High and low temperature test chamber A fault occurs during the test, first check whether it is an operability failure, the method of determining is a check-in-step check in accordance with the installation and use of steps, if it is deviated from the check ,

First, a high and low temperature test failure mdash mdash over temperature

high and low temperature test chamber has a separate over-temperature protection thermostat. The general chance of ultra-temperature alarms is:
1, the thermostat is set too low, which is an operability failure, just need to set the thermostat setting, most of the factory settings are 155 ° C.
2, the meter display temperature value significantly exceeds the setting control temperature value: It may be that the controlling element is broken down, the instrument fault or control line fault, we should check the replacement.
Second, high and low temperature test chamber fault two mdash mdash overpressure
1, how much is the pressure value set by the pressure controller
, generally 1.8MPa, if it is low, it is necessary to Adjusting 2, the condenser is refurbished, the condenser is cleaned
3, other refrigeration system faults, find professional examination
three, high and low temperature test chamber fault three mdash mdash Water
The meaning of the water is to humidify the water tank. The general problems are:
1, * times when adding water, the water level does not add to a specific position
2, the water supply line is blocked It is especially not to pay, especially to pay, it is to humidify the water tank of the water tank water level, and the dredge can be
3, the off-water protection temperature controller should be set to 110 ° C, if low, adjust the adjustment
four, high and low temperature Intersection of moisture and heat test box repair

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