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Test method and application comparison of high and low temperature test chamber non-cooling test sam

High and low temperature test chamber Test method and application comparison of non-heat test samples and heat dissipation test samples: 1.

] Non-heat dissipation test samples and heat dissipation test samples: After the test sample temperature reaches stable during condition test, the Zui hot spot temperature on the surface of the test sample is higher than the surrounding atmospheric temperature during the surface of the test sample (ie without forced air circulation).

The degree above, it is considered to be heat dissipation, it is, it is a non-heat-dissipating test sample, and all storage tests and tests are not powered or not loaded during the test. Samples and tests were used to use low temperature test methods. 2. Non-heat dissipation test sample: temperature mutation test chamber temperature gradient test (former temperature is rapidly changing test chamber It is a high and low temperature test chamber)
1 Temperature mutation test : First adjust the test chamber temperature to the specified test temperature, then put it The test sample with room temperature, which is suitable for a known temperature mutation to the test sample without operation.


Temperature gradation test: First put the test sample with room temperature into the test chamber with room temperature, and then open the cold source The temperature is gradually cooled to the specified test temperature. If the test sample is too large or too heavy or due to complex functional test wiring, it should not be placed in a low-temperature tank when the mutation test does not produce frosting conditions, Test 2 .
3. heat dissipation test samples have and no forced air test : The method of ensuring uniformity in the industry uses wind cycle mode, which causes a fan to generate a wind cycle to form a wind speed flow direction, and a test without forced air cycle is an experiment that simulates the influence of free air conditions, more suitable for heat dissipation Test of the test sample, the test for forced air circulation is that when it is difficult or not guaranteed by the forced air cycle, it can be used for forced air. A And
, method
A for test chamber to meet the test requirements without forced air circulation, but in the box When it is not necessary to maintain the specified low temperature without forcing the air cycle, ie

high and low temperature test chamber Or heating requires an forced air cycle. The above is comparison of various test methods for high and low temperature test chambers QINSUN Test Instrument Co., Ltd. (Technical)

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