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Correct maintenance of high and low temperature and humid heat test chamber

Method: Environmental test equipment

a wide variety, but use ZUI a wide range of environmental test equipment for [ ]mdash High and low-temperature humidity test chamber, which is difficult to repair, which is difficult than other environmental test equipment, and representative. In the following, the high and low temperature and humid heat test chamber is taken as an example, talk about of the construction and some common faults and exclusion method. (1) Common High and low temperature and humid heat test chamber Construct The test personnel should be understood from the operation procedure to operate according to the operation procedure. The high and low temperature and humid heat test chamber consists of a cabinet, wind circulation system, a refrigeration system, a warming system, and a controlled system. Wind circulation system generally adopts a structure that can be adjusted to the wind direction the humidification system has two kinds of boiler humidification and surface evaporation cooling, dehumidification system adopts air conditioning condition heating system uses electric fin heating and electric furnace direct heating Two structures temperature and humidity testing method uses a dry wet ball test method, and also uses a humidity sensor to directly measure the method control and display operation interface use temperature and humidity separation independent and temperature and humidity combined controller.
High and low temperature and humid heat test chamber Fault and exclude:
In the high temperature test, when the temperature change does not meet the test temperature value, You can check the electrical system and troubleshoot one by one. If the temperature is raised, it is necessary to see the wind cycle system. Look at the wind cycle adjustment the baffle to open the normal, but in turn, check whether the wind cycle is operating normally. If the temperature is over, the setting parameters of PID
are needed. If the temperature is directly rising, over temperature protection, then the controller is left
The barrier must be more to change the control meter. 2. Low temperature does not reach the test indicator, then you have to observe the temperature change, it is temperature drop Slowly, or the temperature reaches the temperature after a certain value, the former is to check, do the studio to dry before doing a low temperature test, allow the studio to put the test sample in the workplace and then do test,
High and low-temperature humidity test chamber There is too much to place the test sample in the working chamber, so that the wind in the working chamber cannot be fully circulated. After excluding the above reasons, it is necessary to consider whether it is a failure in a refrigeration system, so that the manufacturer 's professionals should be invalidated. The latter phenomenon is that the environment of the equipment is not good, the ambient temperature placed in the device, the location of the placement (the distance from the wall after the box) is required (there is specified in the device operation instructions). 3. High and low temperature and humid heat test chamber
is doing a wet heat test In the middle, the actual humidity will reach
or the actual humidity is very different from the target humidity, the value is much lower, the phenomenon of the former: may be the gauze drying on the wet bulb sensor Then check whether there is water in the sink of the wet ball sensor. The water level in the sink is automatically controlled by a water level controller, and the water level controller water supply system is normal, and whether the water level controller work is normal. Another possibility is that the wet ball gauze causes the gauze due to the length of use, or the water supply of water, so that the gauze cannot absorb the moisture and dried, and the above phenomenon can be excluded as long as the gauze is replaced or cleaned. The latter phenomenon is mainly the humidification system does not work, check whether the water supply system of the humidification system, whether there is a certain amount of water in the water supply system, control whether the water level control of the water level of the boiler is normal, and the water level in the humidifier boiler is normal. High and low temperature and humidity test chamber
If all of the above is normal, then check the electrical control system, this should be carried out professional maintenance personnel Maintenance. 4. High and low temperature and humid heat test chamber in the test operation process When there is a failure, the corresponding fault display prompt appears on the control meter and the sound alarm prompt. Operators can quickly check out which type of failure is quickly inspected in the troubleshooting of the device 's operation, you can request a professional to quickly troubleshoot to ensureThe test is normal.Other environmental test equipment will have other phenomena in use, that is, specific, specific analysis and exclusion.
High and low temperature and humidity test chamber
Maintenance maintenance periodicallyThe condenser of the refrigeration system is regularly cleaned, and the active components should be refined according to the instructions, and the electrical control system regular maintenance check, etc., these work is *.

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