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Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber Treatment Method and Precautions - QINSUN Circle Test

1, super temperature indicator: control value of over-temperature protector Generally, it is set at 55 ° C to prevent temperature control instrument failure and burn the box. When the working indoor temperature exceeds 55 ° C, the over-temperature protection automatically cuts off the total power supply, and the user please call the protector. When the super temperature light is on, there are three situations:
a, the safety temperature controller alarm device, set error
B, whether the temperature setting is too low, please reset
C, If the super temperature lamp continues to be on, please turn it off to inform the Company to handle it.
2, low water position indicator: When this light is on, the humidification power is turned off. At this time, it should be checked whether the humidification water tank is lackless.
3, end indicator: When this light is on, the test is completed
4, sulfur dioxide gas must use clean, no solid debris (such as sand in the cylinder) Gas, and the concentration of the gas is set to 0.2% once the solid debrisstored in the gas, it will enter the pressure reducing valve, resulting in damage to the pressure reducing valve, and cannot control the concentration of gas in the box
5, must not Use high concentration or concentration of sulfur dioxide gas
6, adjusting gas cylinders should not exceed 0.02 MPa
7, if the humidity meter is displayed 100% humidity, check whether the gauze on the humidity sensor is falling off. , Or no water drying
8, indoor must be ventilated to use the compressor cooling
9, after the test, the equipment is cleanly cleaned, but it is not allowed to clean it


Daily maintenance and description of the sulfur dioxide test chamber
1. Keep the device 's appearance, clean
2. Check whether the sulfur dioxide cylinder valve is closed after each test 3. After the test, the water tank should be removed and clean
4. Under use of long-term use, you will be repeated, and all electrical systems should be checked
5. The electrical components on the control panel, such as the failure needs to be exchanged, should be carried out under the guidance of the manufacturer, so as not to cause unnecessary troub
6. Keep the indoor ventilation and prevent the interior
sulfur dioxide gas
to cause damage to the human body after accumulation 7. The operator must wear a containent mask and rubber gloves 8. Do not contact the residue in the hand when the solution in the washing bottle is replaced after the test process
9. At the end of the test, all valves should be closed and wiped with clean wipes
10. The total power supply should be cut after each trial
11. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited to operate this equipment.

Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber

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