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Integrated mold test chamber product overview


Fungi in the soil and various materials Growth, resulting in spores. Spores are separated from the parent and further grow, so the spores are extremely small, which is easily propagated with flow, and once the growth environment conditions are suitable, that is, it is formed to be contaminated, and the performance of the equipment is affected. Temperature and humidity are the basic conditions of mold growth, while moisture is a necessary condition of spore germination. There is dust or other hydrophilic substance on the surface of the object, which can absorb sufficient moisture and nutrient from the atmosphere to grow. A large number of experiments have shown that most molds caused by equipment damage, germination zui suitable temperature between 20 ° Cmdash 30 ° C, the relative humidity is less than 65%, the spore does not germinate growth greater than this value, the greater the humidity, the greater humidity, The faster growth. The effects of Dushicewust on the product mainly have the following three aspects: Effects of primaryness: Even with a slight damage to material A significant change in circuit frequency and impedance characteristics. Once the material is eroded by mold, it can cause a decrease in mechanical strength and other physical properties. Secondary influence: Mildew is grown on material, which can produce metabolites such as organic acid and other electrolytes, and the material has a secondary effect. This erosion can cause material electrolysis and aging. It has also had a water absorption effect, and a saturated sponge layer is formed, even if the external humidity is low, mycelial body can maintain a high humidity in the test body, resulting in damage to the component. Dushicool is a new product appearance, and it is accompanied by a bad mold. Relevance impact: Due to the microstructure and mutual linkage of modern equipment, a longji of the equipment may have an impact on other components and miniature parts that are not allowed to be long. Therefore, when considering the direct or indirect impact on a single packet or component, it must be evaluated to the impact of the performance of the whole machine performance. The longi test is usually limited to whether the test uses appropriate components and materials. Through the test of material components, components or small assemblies, it is easy to correctly obtain many of the important data required

Longewool testing is a very advantageous mold growth condition for the test new product After the ZUI made, it was detected. The nature of any fault with a product with good design performance can be detected by testing. In summary, the Dushus (mold) test is identified by the sample and its material in the concession of longjewei and the surface change and performance due to longewools. The metamorphic test chamber is to allow the test sample in a climate environment that is suitable for rapid growth of mycore spores, and knottedUneeric properties of material materials, and test equipment affecting electrical and mechanical properties of the test sample. In accordance with the requirements of GB10588Mdash 89 Technical Conditionsand other related ring test standards (for example, the technical conditions required by test box * in the test method) Combined with its own technical characteristics, design and manufacturing jacket typeldquo interstitial meter test chamberrdquo conform to the above standards, meet the requirements of national standard and national army, can follow Electronic product methods: GB2423.16mdash 90 test JMDash Diji Test Method andGJB150.10Mdash 86, Military Equipment Milder Test ,GJB4.10-83 Ship Electronic Equipment Environmental Test Mold Test for the longjusticewool test.

.16Mdash 90 Test JMdash Diji Test Method

2.GJB150.10Mdash 86. Military equipment mold test

4.GBmdash 2002 Diji test GB2002 wet heat test

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