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Xenon lamp aging test chamber and ultraviolet aging test chamber

Natural climate aging test box is usually divided into two, * species is analog UV aging, The two are simulated full sunlight aging. China 's extensive approach, the main reason is that natural climate aging experiments are more in line with practical, and the cost required is low and easy to operate. Although we can conduct natural climate aging tests anywhere, the more recognized test site is Florida in the United States because of its sunshine.

However, the deficiencies of the natural climate aging test is the length of time for testing, and the test personnel may not wait for such a product test result.

Xenon arc radiation test is considered to be a test of ZUI to simulate full sun spectroscopy. Because it produces ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light. Because of this, it is considered to be a widely used method in China. This approach is described in detail (IS0113411: 1994). However, this method also has its limitations, namely, xenon arc light stability and complexity of the test system thereby. The xenon arc light source must be filtered to reduce undesired radiation. There is a variety of filtration glass types to reach different irradiance distributions. Which glass is selected dependent on the type of test and its ZUI terminal. Changing the filter glass can vary the transmitted short wavelength ultraviolet light, thereby changing the speed and type of the material suffers from damage. It is usually used in filtering with three types: daylight, window glass, and extended ultraviolet light type (Method 1 and method 2 mentioned in GB / T1865-1997) correspond to the first two types).

Ultraviolet light irradiation aging test utilizes fluorescence ultraviolet light to simulate sunlight on durability materials effect. Thisdifferent from the xenon arc lamp mentioned above. The fluorescence ultraviolet lamp is similar to those of ordinary illumination with ordinary illumination, but can generate more ultraviolet light instead of visible or infrared light.

For different exposure applications, there are different types of lamps with different spectrums. UVA-340 lamps can simulate sunlight in the main short wavelength ultraviolet spectroscopy. The spectral energy distribution (SPD) of the UVA lamp is very close to the spectral map of 360 nm from the sun spectrum. The UVB light is also commonly used to accelerate artificial climate aging test lights. It is faster than the UVA type lights, but it has deviated from the actual test results than the wavelength energy output of 360 nm. Trouble
While national standards stipulate that China 's currently passing the aging test method is xenon arc radiation, it is a wide range of tests in foreign xenon arc radiation and ultraviolet light.method.These two methods are based on a completely different principle.The xenon lamp illuminates all of the sun spectrum, including ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light, and its purpose is to simulate sunlight.The ultraviolet aging test does not try to imitate the sun rays, but simulate the destruction of sunlight.It is based on such principles, long-term exposed durability materials, aged damage caused by short-wave ultraviolet light irradiation ZUI

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